Commenting -Fu for you



I really enjoyed the opportunity to?learn some Whaleoil commenting-Fu a while back?and often refer back to it when I get stuck. I thought there would be plenty like me who could do with a refresher so here is another chance to practise your skills in a safe environment where failure is always an option.

In general, if you want to post an image or a video, try grabbing the URL from the address bar in your browser and copying it into the message.? That works for a lot of them and it keeps it easy.

Basic formatting is done with tags. ? Opening tags and closing tags.? They look like this

<b> ?and ?</b>

So if you want a word to appear in bold lettering you do this <b> word </b>

That one is for bold ON and then bold OFF.? Here is the same for Italics

<i> ?and ? </i>

If you want to show you are quoting someone else, you need these

<blockquote> ? and ? </blockquote>

Practise, play around and help each other out.


To hide your words use <spoiler> and </spoiler>

To put a line through your words ( strikeout)? use <s> and </s>