Despicable text sent to Jami-Lee Ross by female MP

The same woman who anonymously and breathlessly “leaked” to Newsroom her “story”, forgetting to mention that she had been in a three year relationship and lived with Jami-Lee Ross as his “Wellington Wife”, also sent a disgusting text message to him inciting him to kill himself.

Radio NZ reports: Quote:

A text believed to have been sent to Jami-Lee Ross in August by a female MP that Mr Ross had a relationship with has been released today.

The text – released on the same day that the National Party said it would review its culture – includes a slew of abuse and personal insults about Mr Ross’ appearance and personality.

Last week several women accused Mr Ross of bullying and harassment.

Mr Ross has admitted to an affair with a fellow MP and apologised to a woman he admits he behaved inappropriately towards during a local body campaign his wife was running in.

The text sent in August was 61 words long. The message – along with other texts – was provided to RNZ by a supporter of the Botany MP with his permission.

Checkpoint has chosen not to release the exact words of the entire text out of concern for the wellbeing of both MPs. It is not clear what prompted the message.

However it was sent to Mr Ross at 1:19am on a Saturday morning and concluded by saying: “You deserve to die”.?End quote.

The text message is far worse than that. Much, much worse. That female MP should resign. It may turn out that it was in fact Jami-Lee Ross who was subject to ongoing bullying and harassment.?Quote:

National Party leader Simon Bridges announced today he was seeking independent advice on workplace and party practices to ensure women felt safe.

But Mr Bridges said he did not believe National had a culture problem.

Mr Ross, who was taken into a mental health facility at the weekend, and conceded on Friday he had not been a good husband, apologising for the hurt he had caused.

Mr Bridges and his deputy Paula Bennett both declined to be interviewed today. End quote.

Declining to be interviewed? Cowards. Their hit job is exposed.

When I spoke to Simon Bridges on Monday he was continuing to deny a hit job. He claims and still claims that he knew nothing of the allegations of the Newsroom articles.

I put it to him that could not possibly be true. The woman, who remains unnamed by media is a sitting MP, who was in a relationship with Jami-Lee Ross for three years. So the year long Newsroom investigation could not have been with her as the relationship only ended in May, ironically the same time as she sent a text message to Jami-Lee Ross claiming Simon Bridges had been “handsy” with her. Ignore Katrina Bungard, she is the only person who is blameless, though Paula Bennett may have some questions to answer about when it was she contacted Bungard to assist the Newsroom story. The other two work in Bridge’s own office. One is his Executive Assistant and the other is his Events Manager. Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett expect us to believe that both of these women involved themselves in a year long investigation into the number seven ranked MP and front-bencher and didn’t bother to tell their boss of this media interest? Really? We are supposed to believe that?

Isn’t it far simpler to believe that what Jami-Lee Ross said was correct, that the day he went on leave he confronted Simon Bridges and challenged him about natural justice, that Bridges said that there weren’t just four, it could be 15 (this was recorded and already been aired). And that four miraculously turned up just two weeks alter after they threw Jami-Lee Ross under the bus. The time line does not help Simon Bridges, nor does it help the claims of Paula Bennett. The fact that two of these unnamed “complainants” work in his office disproves this, the time line disproves it.

We are now down to Occam’s Razor -?Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the one that requires the least speculation is usually better. Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation.

Apply Occam’s Razor and see where you get.