Discriminating against gays is OK, when Muslims are doing it

Caption: A Sydney Islamic school welcomes a new, gay teacher.

Marx ? Groucho, that is ? once said, ?Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies?. He might also have added, ?and then pretending to be outraged by your own actions?.

When Labor were last in government, they passed laws that allowed religious schools to refuse to employ teachers on the basis of sexual orientation. Bill Shorten wasn?t Labor leader then, but he was a senior minister, who flatly stated that he supported whatever his leader said, even when he didn?t know what she?d said.

Now, though, Shifty Shorten is outraged ? outraged, I tell ya! ? about the very laws he voted for.

Like the rest of the left, he?s also conspicuously silent when the leader of Australia?s Islamic community spouts hateful anti-gay sentiments. Quote:

Australia?s Grand Mufti has signalled open hostility to gay teachers in Islamic schools in defiance of Bill Shorten?s proposed changes to discrimination laws, saying they engage in ?abnormal practices that contradict nature? and suffer from ?mental illness??

Sheik Hilaly, whose reappointment as Grand Mufti of Australia last month by Imam Abdul Taub Raza at Logan Mosque in Queensland has been challenged, yesterday said gay people suffered from a ?mental illness?.

Speaking through a translator, he told The Australian: ?We are a free democratic society that believes in diversity and human rights and we reject constrictions on the rights of others even if they are afflicted with abnormal practices that contradict nature. End of quote.

?Speaking through a translator?, note: the leader of Australia?s Muslims, who has lived in Australia for decades, still refuses to assimilate enough to even bother learning English.

But what this sorry episode really demonstrates is Labor?s absolute hypocrisy. Quote:

The Opposition Leader has demanded the removal of legal exemptions ?allowing faith-based schools to discriminate against teachers on the basis of sexual orientation.

The push from Mr Shorten comes ahead of the crucial weekend by-election in Wentworth, which is home to one of the largest LGBTI communities in Australia.

Labor?s proposal would require Scott Morrison to expand his pledge to shut down laws, introduced by Labor in 2013, allowing students to be expelled from ?religious schools for being gay. End of quote.

Shifty is trying to walk a delicate path, with a foot on each side of the scimitar. At the same time that he is trying to earn a rainbow ribbon from the well-heeled pooves in Australia?s richest electorate, he?s also trying to curry favour with the camel-chasers in the Western suburbs who are one of Labor?s key voter groups. Quote:

Mr Shorten?s proposal faces the prospect of opposition from some Islamic leaders, with nine of the 12 Sydney seats that voted against same-sex marriage being held by Labor MPs, including the electorates of Labor frontbenchers Chris Bowen, Tony Burke and Jason Clare.

Sheik Hilaly yesterday told The Australian that homosexual teachers should ?not impose their lifestyle on the rest of society, especially schools which are supposed to provide an environment of learning and culture and not a club for those seeking to satisfy their desires?. End of quote.

Perhaps Islamic schools could just chuck their gay teachers from the roof of the bike sheds? Seems to be the Islamic way.