Dog rape culture

Three intellectuals with a self-proclaimed “left political identity” pretended to be feminist activists and wrote 20 bogus papers.??Some were submitted and published in top publications in the fields of gender studies, sociology and critical theory.? ?Quote.?

One paper included an investigation into whether ‘transhysteria’ means men rarely insert objects into their bottoms while another advocated chaining up white male college students.” End of quote.

A paper titled “Human reactions to rape culture and queer performativity at urban dog parks in Portland Oregan” argued that pet owners were less likely to interfere when male dogs non-consensually humped female dogs than animals of the same sex.

Mess with abhorrent human behaviour if you want, but accusing dogs of rape is unforgivable and a giveaway to the paper’s lack of credibility.??Quote.

The researcher, the nonexistent Helen Wilson of the nonexistent Portland Ungendering Research Initiative, wrote that she observed one “dog rape per hour” at a park in Portland, in the US.

A peer reviewer’s feedback was that Wilson did not adequately respect the dogs’ privacy?while tracking these acts of dog rape.” End of quote.

Forgive me for rolling around on the floor with laughter!

Dog rape culture? Dog sex privacy? Lunacy from the academic peer reviewer who wandered so far from the beaten track of common sense to think that animal sex can be non-consensual and should be private. How delicious!

Using the made-up words “transhysteria,” ungendering” and “performativity” is another clue even to a non-academic layperson that the papers are fake.

The hoax was revealed when: Quote.

…major journalistic publications like the Wall Street Journal got involved, they contacted the [academic] journals who in turn started demanding that we prove our identity.

That?s where the deception of a pseudonym could have become forgery [if we continued]. That would have crossed a line. When we set out on this project we had a few guiding principles.

One of those was that we were going to come clean with whatever happens?positive or negative.” End of quote.

The purpose of the hoax papers was to test the reliability of academic journals in identifying spurious claims.??Helen Pluckrose is one of the academic trio who wrote the bogus paper on dog rape as Helen Wilson.? Pluckrose talks to??Quillette?about how the academic journals should be able to identify scams. Quote.

[…] the papers we put forth should have been able to have been detected by a rigorous field as being bogus.

Whether it was the data being ludicrous, or our arguments being completely specious, or our methodology being nonsensical?all of these problems should have been things that peer reviewers picked up on.” End of quote.

When asked how their left-wing political affiliation was relevant to the project Pluckrose said: Quote.

It’s no secret?we want to fix the left?so that it will win and avoid right-wing problems like Trump.” End of quote.

Their admission that the left side of American politics is broken and needs fixing is refreshingly accurate and honest.??It may even make Trump supporters enthusiastic about having more left-wing academics to ensure that he gets his second term.

Right-wing conservatives are delighted to see academics, who commonly reside on the left of the political spectrum, shown up for their gullibility.??Despite this, Pluckrose bravely defends their experiment. Quote.

Liberal science needs to have a respect for truth and a solid epistemology based on evidence. It?s not doing social justice causes any favor to be shoddy and inconsistent.

Our main objective isn?t to forward a political agenda.?It?s to make scholarship more rigorous.” End of quote.

Hear, hear!??Social based justice based on evidence-based truth.? Now wouldn’t that be a welcome contribution from the left???Quote.

We accept that sometimes that may produce results which we?d rather wish to not be true.End of quote.

Pretty silly really, to have gone into this little experiment expecting a positive outcome.? The left won’t be at all pleased about this?confirmation of their academic weakness, but American conservatives on the right will be delighted.

Showing up published rubbish is the role of the conservative right, and while there is no suggestion that this trio jumped ship, they certainly helped reinforce the view of America’s right that left-leaning academics can be very woolly headed indeed.

No need for outrage folks, this was a completely consensual sexual encounter and the cat identifies as a dog.