Face of the day

Voice of Europe reports:

On 24 March 2018, an ISIS terrorist?stormed a supermarket?in Tr?bes, armed with a handgun, a hunting knife and three homemade bombs. He shot two people dead and took others hostage.

During the negotiation with the police, the terrorist accepted Beltrame?s offer to swap places with the last hostage, a female cashier.

Beltrame also set his phone on a table with its line open so that police outside could monitor the activity inside.

After a three-hour stand-off with the police, […] the 25-year-old terrorist,? […] murdered Arnaud Beltrame.

But apparently, paying tribute to Beltrame?s sacrifice is seen as being potentially offensive by Marseille?s leftist elected officials.

Here?s what Stephane Ravier, Marseille?s 7th district National Rally mayor, revealed during a town council with Marseille?s elected officials.

[…] if we give the name of Arnaud Beltrame in this district, the population will take that as a provocation?.

Marseille?s 15th district is similar to Marseille, a place with a huge community of immigrants from North-Africa, who practice a rigorous Islam.

Marseille is not only a cesspool of crimes but also of jihadists, just on 1 October 2017, an illegal migrant from Tunisia shouted ?Allahu Akbar? before?stabbing and killing two women, 20 and 21-year-old cousins.