Face of the day

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

The judge said about today’s face of the day Whaleoil editor Cameron Slater:

Against the background of widely publicised rumours about Mr Craig?s conduct,?Mr Slater performed, in my view, an important role in breaking the news that the rumours had substance and could be proved.[…]

I have held that?Mr Slater possessed sufficient information to entitle him to responsibly make public allegations about Mr Craig?sexually harassing Ms MacGregor; sending her sexually oriented written messages that were unwelcome; providing her with a substantial financial benefit in exchange for her not pursuing a justifiable claim that he had sexually harassed her, and misleading the board intentionally about the nature of his behaviour with and towards Ms MacGregor and the foundation and merits of her allegations against him.?Mr Slater was entitled to rely on an allegation made during an interview carried on a breakfast television programme between an experienced journalist and a member of the Conservative Party board, Mr Stringer, containing a statement that a chaperone system had been put in place.[…]

Mr Slater is a journalist and serious political commentator.?He espouses principles which include a recognition of the importance of accuracy in reporting facts and of dealing honestly with people who might provide him with information and with his readership. […]

I do not accept that Mr Slater spread lies about Mr Craig; made up allegations about him; gathered information that he knew was fake or untrue; or published material on Whaleoil knowing it not to be true. I am satisfied he is neither a compulsive nor a calculated liar.