Farrar follows my lead and calls for a truce, pity is the party appears to want to destroy itself

The other day I suggested a truce, or the intervention of a third party to sort out the mess inside National. Quote:

National would be wise to get someone to broker a peace treaty with him before they lose most of their front bench. End quote.

Now David Farrar has suggested the same thing😕Quote:

National has no good options in dealing with JLR. The question is which is the least bad option.

Of course the best way out would be a truce. If somehow JLR and National can find a way forward that would be a good thing. But the problem is that JLR has so damaged himself I?m genuinely not sure what National can do to reverse the harm he caused himself. But if he has a proposal, then it should be considered.?End quote.

Sadly, it appears that National wants to burn itself to the ground. Paula Bennett, it seems, is behind the spreading of the lurid smears to Newsroom. National’s leadership team aren’t leading, they are reacting and now they want to crush Jami-Lee Ross. Their plan was to shut him down with awful anonymous allegations. That didn’t work. It has also spectacularly changed the rules regarding private matters in and around parliament and now it threatens to consume all, including, ironically, the person who went nuclear in the first place, Paula Bennett. Her own personal ethics, antics and behaviour in and around parliament are infamous.

National rolled out the low-hanging fruit and now are drip feeding annoyed former staffers. Paula Bennett and Simon Bridges have now opened their own office staff relations up to debate. The rumours of their staff turnover, intimidation and bullying will now justifiably be put under the spotlight. The list of staff rolled out against Jami-Lee Ross will look tiny compared with Paula’s own staff mistakes, and Simon Bridges’ revolving door isn’t that flash either.

This is what happens when you go low: everything is on the table, especially when you go up against someone with literally nothing to lose.

Wise heads in National need to prevail. They should take up David Farrar’s suggestion and my suggestion and start talking to each other instead of past each other.