Forget the pundits, listen to the lawyers

A whole lot of pundits, commenters and people who called me yesterday were all saying there was nothing in the audio.

I told everyone, that they need to understand the law. Now the lawyers are speaking: Quote:

An electoral law expert says there is “certainly something” for the police to look into after listening to Jami-Lee Ross’ leaked tapes.

This afternoon, Ross released a six-minute tape of a conversation between him and National Leader Simon Bridges.

Ross alleged in a press conference yesterday that Bridges was a “corrupt politician” and the tape would help prove it.

The conversation reveals Bridges acknowledging that a $100,000 donation had been made by two Chinese businessmen.

Bridges says he would have to invite the men to his house for dinner, to say thanks.

Electoral law expert Graeme Edgeler says the tapes show Bridges knew a donation had been made to the National Party from a particular person in the amount of $100,000.?End quote.

Graeme Edgeler knows his electoral law. Quote:

But it does not reveal, as Ross has claimed, that Bridges gave instructions to have the sum split up into smaller amounts.

“At this stage, it’s still only an implication.”

Edgeler says what is still not known is what the party has done with the donation.

“So there will be records as to who exactly [the donation] was from and what information was given to the party secretary.

“But these are all questions we still don’t know the answer for.”

Edgeler says there is “certainly something there for the police to be looking into – there is quite a bit there,” he says, in reference to the tape.

Earlier today, Ross took the recording to the police for them to investigate.

He met with three inspectors for more than two hours.

He told reporters it was up to the police as to whether or not they would launch an investigation. End quote.

The only saving grace for Simon Bridges is that the Police rarely investigate, let alone charge, anyone for Electoral Act breaches.

But what this whole episode shows so far is that Simon Bridges can’t read a person.

He thought the leaker was Trevor Mallard and could tell by looking into his eyes. He called Jami-Lee Ross’s bluff in a private meeting telling he didn’t believe he had any recordings. Both suppositions were wrong. I’ll bet that Ross has plenty more recordings, and if he was prepared to record his leader then god knows what or who else he has recorded.

This is very damaging for the National party and after what they put me through under John Key and Bill English, not to mention the constant attacks my family have had at the hands of Bill English is is rather delicious watching some of these ratbags get their beans.

What National needs now is a strong leader who pledges to clean up the party from the top down.