Go West, young African, and smash up our country some more

Caption: Never fear, the boys in blue are here to…well, watch, apparently.

There may come a day when I do not have to report on yet another African gang rampage in Australia, but today is not that day.

The script is so depressingly familiar by now that it almost writes itself: a gang of African immigrants rampages in [suburb], property smashed, Australians attacked, police make no arrests.

All a reporter needs to do is insert the location, and they are done.

In fact, the location of the African gang rampage du jour is the only novelty in this particular story.

Until now, it?s seemed as if African gang crime was a phenomenon unique to Melbourne, where a combination of absentee policing and limp-wristed courts, all against the background of the most left-wing government in Australia, sets the conditions for the perfect storm.

Now it appears as though the rot has spread west. Ten News Perth reports: Quote:

4 people were injured when a gang of young men tried to gate-crash an end-of-year presentation night.

At the Balga soccer club, a presentation night under attack. Terrified guests including women and teenagers barricade themselves inside as 20 men of African descent tried to force their way in. End of quote.

Like a scene from the siege at Rorke?s drift, the footage shows people inside the venue frantically trying to hold back the savage hordes. Astonishingly, police simply stand and watch from a safe distance, as the desperate patrons inside battle to protect themselves. Quote:

[They used] bottles and sticks as weapons. End of quote.

Club member Mark James is interviewed with blood still dripping from a facial injury. Quote:

“[They were] smashing beer bottles and grabbed a chair and tried to break the door in. After about 15 minutes, I think, they finally busted the door open”.

During the chaos, one man was punched, three others were hit with bottles. End of quote.

Another victim, Peter Duggan, said: Quote:

“I got a bottle in the back of my head. Another guy hit me in the side of the head. And it was all on.”

Police eventually forced the intruders to leave, but minutes later, ten of them returned. End of quote.

Any hope that citizens are able to rely on civil authorities to actually enforce the rule of law in our ?diverse? new society quickly evaporated. The video shows Africans attacking police. But it got worse. Quote:

Amelia Broun (reporter): As the attackers continued their rampage, all the women and younger soccer club members locked themselves in this office, terrified. All they could do was wait until police arrived. End of quote.

Arrived? to do what, exactly? Quote:

But outside, the gate-crashers took on officers, before attacking nine cars, including one that had just pulled up, with a three-month-old baby inside. End quote.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you?d already guessed that no arrests were made. End of quote.

Meanwhile, police mouth the usual platitudes. Quote:

Steve Brown (Assistant Commissioner): ?Why they?re out there in the first place, roaming the streets, is something that we?ll be discussing?with some of the leaders of the African communities in the coming weeks?. End of quote.

Don?t bother, we can already write that script as well: it?ll all be Australia?s fault, of course. ?Racism?, ?marginalisation?, and of course, ?there are no African gangs?.

Those racists barricading themselves in the soccer club just need to stop believing their lyin’ eyes, and lie back and think of Diversity.