Herald breaks news that Simon Bridges called me, after I already wrote about it in the morning

For some reason, it appears to be bad to care about the life of someone that the National party leadership pushed so hard that he reached the point of making an attempt on his life.

David Fisher thinks that it is news that Simon Bridges rang me.

What is more news is that Simon Bridges rang me on Sunday and didn’t give two hoots about the welfare of his former front bench man. He rang to explain himself and his actions and to tell me he sleeps well at night.

He even went so far as to tell me repeatedly that he is a man of integrity. He didn’t really like it when I pointed out that men of integrity rarely need to tell people that.

Nonetheless, what the phone call revealed to me is that Simon Bridges is scared and that he is lying and covering up.? ?

When I pointed out the logic and the facts behind their shabby put up hit job using Melanie Reid and Newsroom and I asked him about the involvement of his executive assistant and his events manager, he had the audacity to say he knew nothing about their stories until they were published.

When confronted with the fact that two weeks prior to them being published he had used those same stories to try to push Jami-Lee Ross out of parliament but instead put him on sick leave, he still denied he knew about them.

He seriously expects media and people to believe that two of his closest staff members were talking to Melanie Reid for a year about a front bench MP and they said absolutely nothing to him.

He also lied yesterday when he said he knew nothing about the serious incident on Saturday night that lead to the hospitalisation of Jami-Lee Ross. This, of course, belies the involvement of his chief of staff, Jamie Gray, who directly contacted Jami-Lee Ross’ psychiatrist shortly after 9:15 pm on Saturday night. That was after he’d been informed about a serious risk to Jami-Lee’s health by the very same female MP who wanted Jami-Lee Ross dead in an awful text message. So, a National MP called the police, Simon Bridges chief of staff was involved after 9:15 pm and two of his direct report staff members were involved in the hit job, along with the female MP…and Simon Bridges knows nothing?

National’s shabby hit job doesn’t match their spin. Everything they have claimed can be disproved with texts, emails and call records. They must be held to account.

People mistake my personal support for the health of Jami-Lee Ross as some sort of endorsement of his sneaky ways. It is not. They also have bought the hit job, that somehow Jami-Lee Ross was on some sort of jihad, which was why it was done,

What people don’t know is the full timeline, only that which has been manufactured by National’s leadership team.

What people need to know is that this is all spawned from a rejection of the female MP in May of this year and the ensuing, frankly obsessive behaviour of that female MP to get what she wanted or to destroy the man who rejected her. The months of innuendo, the shared texts, the hateful drunk texting was all coming from one person, and it wasn’t Jami-Lee Ross. Sadly, the National party decided on the smear and they lined up in short order four women to say the most dreadful things, designed to paint him as some sort of nasty misogynist. It worked because commenters here have lined up behind that lop-sided story. They have bought the line that defamers are pushing on Twitter that there was some sort of plot to bring down Bridges, that people were pulling Jami-Lee Ross’ strings.

That is a pure fabrication. While Jami-Lee was suffering this and the isolation of National slowly shunning him; it was a burden he dealt with alone, until confronted with the ultimatum immediately before he was put on stress leave. Then he turned to his friends. Not for some sort of strategy, he had no options by that stage. National had already resolved to throw him under the bus. They ignored mental health warnings from a medical specialist and from his wife. They ignored advice from friends on Monday the 15th, and they did him over, they wanted him destroyed. They nearly got their wish.

I have been piecing together the evidence. There is evidence. The stories of National, Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett don’t add up. They know they don’t add up, and so they roll out David Fisher to break the news I had already posted in the morning that Simon Bridges rang me.

This is designed yet again to make people believe that I am running some campaign against Simon Bridges. I was not and very senior National party people know this. They know all I was doing was trying to save someone’s life but, by aiding and abetting this shabby smear by David Fisher, they’ve chosen a side.

If the National party keeps on lying about their involvement in this and Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett keep on lying then I’m afraid that, like it or not dear readers, I am going to have to tell the truth about them.

I don’t know when people are going to realise that supporting a mate in distress is not supporting his actions. I have told Jami-Lee Ross that he needs to own his own shit. He needs to accept that he did some disgraceful things. What I cannot accept is that the National party is blameless and that I should, for the good of a party I am not even a member of, somehow go easy on the terrible people that infest the top end of that party. They are professing that they acted with integrity and honour and caring. The funny thing is the people who have called me to ask to pass on messages of hope and support for Jami-Lee Ross are all from the other side of the political spectrum. People I would never agree with politically. To National’s eternal shame not a single one of them has expressed any such sentiment to me; in fact quite the opposite. Shame on them.

I don’t need to explain myself for helping a friend in need. I would help any friend who needed my help and there are many people in politics who have asked for and received my support in times of stress. Some of those are on the opposite side of politics.

This is deadly serious and sometimes politics should be trumped by humanity.

People need to be held to account. I hope National is serious about their culture inquiry. I look forward to attending it and telling the truth about their MPs. Let’s see how they handle the truth about their MPs and staff and the appalling behaviour they condone, enable and celebrate.

Simon Bridges went to great lengths to tell me in that phone call how well he sleeps at night. He shouldn’t sleep that well. I also told him that I didn’t think he was a bad man, just an ill-equipped idiot who was being set up himself. I told him a few things that I believe genuinely surprised him. It looks like he has chosen to ignore that advice, he has chosen to go down the cover-up route. It is never the deeds that get you in trouble, it is always the cover-up that gets you.

The first thing he should do after reading this is have a come to Jesus meeting with his chief of staff. The facts exist and records identify his involvement on Saturday night, and also his female MP who triggered this whole episode off. Both of them need to be held to account even if their leader refuses to. You can’t anonymously mis-state reality in a news article and not own some responsibility for the carnage that unfolds after that. You just can’t. He should have a come to Jesus meeting with Paula Bennett and ask her when she contacted Katrina Bungard to come forward for the story. Paula shouldn’t lie because I know Katrina won’t. Katrina knows I stood up for her against Jami-Lee Ross. She knows what I did on her behalf. If Simon Bridges is to survive as the leader he needs to start acting like one instead of the idiot two-bit player that he looks -being manipulated by his very own deputy.

So long as National and its leadership keep on lying, I will keep on telling the truth. There is no agenda, there is no play, there is no grand scheme. It is just the truth plain and simple.

Stay tuned for 11:00, and see how it works out for people who accuse me of lying and making things up.

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