Hey Simon, the eye of the storm is not a good place to be, just quietly

Graham Adams writes at Noted:Quote:

When Simon Bridges leaves politics, it?s unlikely he will be offered a job in meteorology. In the wake of the release of the latest Colmar Brunton-TVNZ poll, he repeatedly referred to ?the eye of the storm? when explaining to news media how well National had withstood the Jami-Lee Ross onslaught that began with accusations of electoral fraud before spiralling outwards.

The collateral damage included Bridges having to apologise for dismissing one of his MPs as ?f***ing useless?, as well as questions being raised about cash for candidates and for royal honours, the relative value of different ethnicities to National, and how much Chinese money influences its policies.

When the poll results appeared showing National had dropped only two points, Bridges?jubilantly described surviving the previous week?s perturbations?with his usual tortured syntax: ?What you have seen, in the eye of the storm when that poll was done, we?re at 43 per cent.?

Bridges presumably doesn?t know that the eye of the storm is actually the small area at the centre of a tropical?storm where the sky is clear and the winds are light and everything appears calm. Surrounding it?is the eyewall, which is the most violent part of a?hurricane.

The eye of the storm can be very dangerous for the ignorant because they assume the storm has passed and they resume normal activities, not guessing that vicious gales will soon engulf them again.

National is, in fact, in the eye of the storm right now, when Jami-Lee Ross is away recovering at an undisclosed location after his brief stay in Middlemore Hospital and has gone silent. But the chances of him ? or his allies ? staying quiet for long are very small.?End quote.

Especially small so long as National keeps lying and trying to claim the moral high ground when what is emerging is a classic hit job and fit-up by the party. The cover-up is even worse.?Quote:

Once Ross recovers from his illness, he will still be in an unrivalled position to expose what goes on in National if he wishes to, given he was the party?s hitman and bagman. He knows where both the bodies?and?the treasure are buried. He knows all the tricks by which his former colleagues stifle dissent and rid themselves of mutinous MPs because he played that role himself for years.

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