How do we respond to the terror attack on American Jews?

When a tragedy like this occurs people respond?in many different ways.

  • Some want to ignore it and pretend that there is not a serious and growing problem with anti-Semitism in the West.
  • Some respond with social media posts
  • Some want to find someone or something to blame
  • Some want people to be able to arm themselves so that they can fight back when attacked
  • Some want people disarmed because they think that disarming the population would have prevented the massacre.
  • Some send “thoughts and prayers” and light a few candles

Instead of telling you all how to respond to the massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday morning (local time) where 11 were murdered and six were injured, I suggest we all ask ourselves where this anti-Semitism is coming from. Is one side of the political spectrum more likely to be anti-Semitic? Is this problem – a white supremacism problem – or is it much, much more complex than that?

Fact: The vast majority of hate crimes in the West are against Jews NOT Muslims despite the countless?articles dedicated to talking about Islamophobia and Muslims feeling scared after every Islamic terror attack against non-Muslims.


Many hate crimes against Muslims have been revealed to be faked in order to get publicity and to court victimhood but Jews do not need to fake hate crimes against them because anti-Semitism is very real and is getting worse.

It is Jews NOT Muslims who are fleeing the West and it is the Jews who are having to put armed guards outside their places of worship, NOT the Muslims.

Muslims are pouring into the West as Jews are pouring out.

Why is that?

The British Labour party is infested with anti-Semitism.

Why is that?

New Zealand politically turned its back on Israel with resolution 2334 under a John Key led government.

Why did they do that?

The Ministry of Silly hats. Credit: Boondecker

Our current Prime Minister has worn submissive Muslim religious headwear and so did a high ranking female police officer who is not a Muslim.

Why did they do that?

Is it a??coincidence that, as the Muslim population increases and they get into positions of power politically inside left-wing parties, anti-Semitism increases?

If we don’t have a zero tolerance attitude as a society towards anti-semitism inside political parties, inside mosques, Muslim schools and anywhere else it may be found such as in small pockets of genuine white supremacists and inside economic terror groups like the BDS movement, how can we ever hope to halt the direction in which our society is going?

We thought that after the lessons we learned from Germany and Hitler that this could never happen again but it can and it could and we need to stop being complacent and tolerant of those who are intolerant.

180 Police officers stand together to form “Star of David” in Treblinka death camp, Poland to remember 6 million Jews murdered in Holocaust

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