I’ll be giving Flick the flick

The Spinoff is not funded by its readers like Whaleoil is. The Spinoff is a cash for content model as it is funded by businesses. It wrote a pro-IRD series of articles for example that were paid for by IRD. When the Dirty Politics hit job on Whaleoil went down, Nicky Hager accused Whaleoil of being a cash for content site. His book said that sponsored articles were “Dirty” and morally wrong. Strangely? he does not seem to have any problem with the SpinOff which is 100% cash for content ‘ journalism.’

On at least two occasions now the SpinOff has published an article defaming Whaleoil’s editor. One time that they did it Cam contacted the business that funded the article and asked them if they were happy to fund defamation. Their response was to change the attribution down the bottom of the article so that it made it clear that while they had funded the article they did not necessarily support the content of the article.

Defamation litigation is an incredibly expensive option only available to?wealthy people with very deep pockets so the SpinOff no doubt will continue to defame certain people?confident in the knowledge that they cannot afford to hold them to account. As long as they don’t target wealthy individuals who enjoy litigation jihad they will be able to continue to say whatever they like without fear of legal consequences.


Yesterday an article that included defamatory statements about Cam and others was published by the Spinoff and this time the business that funded it was the Flick electric company. The article defamed three people including Cam and said that:

  • They were toxic
  • That they were the “nihilist faction of the National Party”
  • That they were unethical
  • That “they didn?t seem to have any goals, other than to be in politics so they could lie and leak and bully and smear and ruin people?s lives.”
  • That they empowered “a faction of ruthless, amoral assholes whose only goal was to destroy everyone around them”

There is no point approaching them to ask them to stop funding defamation so instead, I will simply give Flick the flick.

I will not personally support a business that supports defamatory cash for content journalism. It is a small gesture but it all that I can afford to do. I will tell all my family to give Flick the flick and all my friends. By publishing this article on New Zealand’s largest and most popular blog I have also let a large proportion of New Zealanders know that Flick financially supports the SpinOff’s defamatory journalism.

Flick can flick off

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