It’s official: It’s not OK to be white in Australia

I?m never afraid to admit when I?m wrong, and now I have to admit to being very, very wrong. I?ve long argued that Australia is not a racist nation, and is most certainly not systemically racist. I?ve now learned that that is absolutely not true.

This comes from the very top: Australia?s parliament has officially declared the nation?s systemic racism by declaring that one race is unacceptable in Australia. Quote:

Attorney-General Christian Porter says he had no knowledge that a staffer from his office advised Coalition senators to vote in favour of a Pauline Hanson motion that it is ?okay to be white???it was interpreted in my office as a motion opposing racism. The associations of the language were not picked up. Had it been raised directly with me those issues would have been identified.? End of quote.

Of course, it was a motion opposing racism. It specifically said so. There are no ?associations of the language?, other than it?s okay to be white, or it isn?t.

To their shame, Australia?s senate decided that it isn?t. The nation?s parliament has officially declared that racism against one group, and one group only, is acceptable. Quote:

?Yesterday, as a result of an administrative process failure, the government senators in the chamber ended up, on advice, voting in support of the motion. As Leader of the Government in the Senate, I take responsibility for that error and I?m sorry that that happened. It is indeed regrettable??Earlier Scott Morrison said it was ?regrettable? Coalition senators supported the motion pushed by Senator Hanson. End of quote.

So, it?s a mistake and ?regrettable? to agree that it?s alright to be have skin of a particular colour. Thanks for clearing that up. Quote:

?I?m sure all Australians stand against racism in whatever form it takes but the Leader of the Government in the Senate will be making a statement about that later today,? Mr Morrison said. End of quote.

Then it must be okay to be white: any other stance is racist. If you deplore racism ?in whatever form it takes?, then you must deplore anti-white racism. It?s that simple. Quote:

The unsuccessful motion, brought forward by Pauline Hanson on Monday, also declared ?anti-white? racism was on the rise in Australia.

Senator Hanson?s motion, which also recognised the ??deplorable rise of anti-white ?racism and attacks on Western civilisation?, was defeated 31-28.

Moving the motion, Senator Hanson said ?anyone who pays attention to the news or spends any time on social media has to acknowledge that there has been a rise in anti-white racism and a rise in attacks on the very ideals of Western civilisation?. End of quote.

Hanson is correct. As the revolt against the proposed Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation showed, a significant portion of academia and the left, in general, oppose Western civilisation vehemently. The national broadcaster employs commentators who have celebrated that ?the white people are getting fucked?. Leading newspapers in the United States employ editors whose social media feeds are a constant vomit of anti-white prejudice. Anyone who browses Twitter can easily find undisguised prejudice against white people. Indeed, in direct response to Senator Hanson?s motion, one Twitter user declared, ?I hope for black supremacy. White people can be slaves?. Quote:

?I would also hope the Senate does the right thing and acknowledges it is indeed OK to be white. Such a simple sentence should go without saying but I suspect many members in this parliament would struggle to say it,? she said. ?People have a right to be proud of their cultural background, whether they are black, white or brindle. If we cannot agree on this I think it?s safe to say white racism is well and truly rife in society.? End of quote.

Many of the opponents of the motion gibbered about its origins, claiming that it was a ?KKK catchphrase?. This is completely false.

The phrase was deliberately planted by members of the 4Chan group, with the explicitly stated intention of using a completely harmless message to cause the media and the left to lose their minds, thereby demonstrating that anti-white prejudice was indeed pervasive among those groups.

Senator Hanson?s motion was an epic troll along the same lines. By daring Australia?s politicians to endorse a simple and innocuous message, she has also challenged them to disprove the second half of the motion. By refusing to endorse the first part of Hanson’s motion, the Australian senate thereby proved the second: If it is not ok to be white, that in itself is proof positive of deplorable anti-white racism.

Only a handful of senators can hold their heads up as indeed opposing racism in all its forms: Quote:

One Nation, Senator Anning, Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm and Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi supported the motion. End of quote.