Judith Collins cyber-bully?

This is the accusation made by Phil Twyford about Judith Collins when he said she trolled the Facebook accounts of the Auckland owners of the first KiwiBuild home.

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Outside a brand new KiwiBuild home with proud new homeowners Derryn & Fletch. What an awesome day with [email protected] & [email protected]? ???

Judith responded to Twyford through Twitter:

Judith Collins Twitter comment

The Otago Daily Times reports: Quote.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford is accusing Judith Collins of inciting cyber-bullying of a young couple who just bought their first KiwiBuild home, but Collins has hit back, calling him a liar. End of quote.

The named young professionals purchasing the first KiwiBuild home have since taken down their Facebook pages.

It is far more likely that the angry remarks made to them came from low to middle-income earners deprived of the opportunity to buy their first home. Instead, they witnessed a high-income couple with income prospects in the hundreds of thousands of dollars being given the opportunity to buy under a ballot system. Given the government’s promises, a public backlash from disappointed potential homeowners is hardly surprising. What is surprising, is that anyone would think Judith Collins would bother to troll the lucky winners.?Quote.

On Saturday, Twyford and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern welcomed 18 families to their KiwiBuild homes in Papakura. Among them were Fletcher Ross and Derryn Jayne, who took ownership of a four-bedroom home on Regiment Way costing $649,000.

The development is the first to be completed in the Government’s plan to build 100,000 homes in the next decade, but it has lead to questions about whether a graduate doctor or a marketing manager should be eligible for KiwiBuild.

A comment on Twitter last night by National’s housing spokesperson Judith Collins has now sparked a war of words between her and Twyford, while the couple have taken their social media profiles offline. End of quote.

It is far more plausible that Twyford is inaccurately venting his anger at being called out by Judith as the incompetent minister responsible for the badly designed KiwiBuild brief to supply affordable housing to middle-income earners; which screwed up by rewarding a young couple who are more than capable of purchasing their first home without government assistance.


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