Judith gets one wrong

Judith Collins has made a rare social media gaff in retweeting a post.

Gentle Breeze appears to be a bit of a rabble-rouser with a byline “Living in the latest country to become a Kakistocrasy. Have been known to tweet satire. Resident of New Winniestan” so Judith should have taken a little more care before retweeting.

As Winston Peters was at pains to point out in the General Debate on Tuesday, there are not 204 countries. Current count is 195.? However the line is a quote, “1 universe 9 planets [wrong again], 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, and I had the privilege of meeting you.”

For Judith to read into the Instagram post that this couple had visited 204 countries and criticise them for that was disingenuous.

I have to agree with the responders to her tweet: Quote.

Andrew Whitsed: how about a look at misuse of social media (and illiteracy) to score political points. JudithCollinsMP should do due diligence not just retweeting anything (feels over facts?) and could have at least redacted names.

Bruce Henderson: JudithCollinsMP if you feel the need to troll, for goodness sake a/. read the tweet properly and b/. have a better idea of what you’re talking about? #totalfail End of quote.

Stuff had this to say: Quote.

Twyford said it was “appalling” that a senior MP had “cyber-bullied” a young couple who had bought their first home.

“This young couple have done nothing wrong. They have bought their first home. Judith Collins thinks it’s appropriate to bully and encourage victimisation on social media, it’s absolutely appalling?. She’s encouraging victimisation and bullying on the internet because she disagrees with KiwiBuild.” End of quote.

That is a tad over the top.? If suggesting that a reasonably well-off couple with good career prospects probably don’t need taxpayer support is now the bar for “cyber bullying” then we had all better get offline now. Quote.

He said the scheme had always been designed to give young families locked out of the housing market a chance.

There were people who were more needy than KiwiBuild buyers, he said, but it was a slice of “middle New Zealand”. “I’m more than happy to have that debate about policy,” Twyford said. “But it doesn’t justify victimisation of people on the internet.”

Collin [sic] said Twyford was under a lot of pressure. “He has gone into a slightly hysterical place. It’s really important that people question the eligibility requirements for KiwiBuild and it’s part of my work to do that.”

She said she had nothing against the couple themselves. “Good on the young couple, If they can meet the criteria and get the money together, good on them. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is the government is using $2 billion of government funding. People are entitled to say what’s the criteria for that.”[…]?End of quote.

Winston had a crack at Collins in Question Time with: Quote.

Regarding the earnings of KiwiBuild applicants, can the Minister confirm whether or not one of the young couples who recently bought one of the KiwiBuild homes could, in fact, afford to visit 204 countries, which is some arcane measurement from a member of Parliament? End of quote.

As did Robertson: Quote.

Was it the Minister’s expectation that the first families who would move into KiwiBuild homes would be the subject of a disgraceful cyberbullying campaign, and would he expect anyone who did that to apologise? End of quote.

And Shaw: Quote.

As the Minister responsible for KiwiBuild, will he speak to his colleague the Minister of Justice about whether KiwiBuild families should be protected under the Harmful Digital Communications Act from the actions of Opposition MPs? End of quote.

Mallard, rightly, told them to sit down and shut up (or words to that effect).

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