Labor rails against the world of its own making

Photoshopped image credit: Lushington

Groucho Marx once said that ?politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies?. In the case of the Labor party, he might also have added, ?and blaming everyone else for your own stuff-ups?.

When anonymous leakers falsely claimed that the Ruddock religious review would recommend religious schools be allowed to summarily expel or refuse gay students, the left-wing media went berserk with the fake news. Fairfax papers indulged in highly unethical push-polling. The ABC assembled predictably left-wing panels to fulminate against this non-existent ?attack? on LGBTQWERTY kiddies.

The most egregious hypocrisy came from the Labor party, who hammered the false story in the lead-up to the Wentworth by-election (where, coincidentally, its own operatives were campaigning for a supposed ?independent? celebrity lesbian). What Labor ignored was that laws allowing schools to discriminate against staff and students already exist. Because Labor created them. Quote:

Many of the powers over staff and pupils flagged in the Fairfax report had existed in federal law since 2013, when Bill Shorten, then in the Gillard government, voted for exactly the power he had spent that afternoon decrying.

It was hypocrisy from Labor, and the leak was designed by someone ? probably linked to ousted prime minister Malcolm Turnbull ? to damage the ?Coalition ahead of Saturday?s by-election for Turnbull?s formerly safe Liberal seat of Wentworth. End of quote.

Outrageous hypocrisy, though, is the stock-in-trade of the Labor party which includes the likes of Penny Wong, who said in 2010 that, ?On the issue of marriage I think the reality is there is a cultural, religious, historical view around that which we have to respect?that this is an institution that is between a man and a woman.?? In 2017, though, Wong wept and fulminated against anyone who similarly opposed gay marriage.

Labor is also crying crocodile tears over ?asylum seekers? on Nauru.

If wannabe refugees are on Nauru, it?s because Labor put them there. In 2007, there was one person in refugee detention and no boats. Then Labor got in. By 2013, there were people-smuggling boats arriving daily, and tens of thousands in detention ? and more than a thousand deaths at sea. The Abbott government stopped the boats and cleared the camps of all but the most recalcitrant country-shoppers.

Now, Labor is signalling that it?s going to make the same mistakes, all over again. Quote:

Labor would examine asylum-seekers who are transferred to Australia for medical treatment on a ?case-by-case basis? to see whether they should be settled in the community, as MPs and crossbenchers reiterate support for a New Zealand resettlement deal. End of quote.

This is a doubly-stupid non-solution to a problem that Labor created in the first place. Pharisaic ?asylum seeker advocates? clutch their pearls and weep over reports of self-harm in refugee detention centres, but too often ?self-harm? is a blackmailing tactic to get to Australia. Once detainees are flown to Australia for medical treatment ? at enormous expense to Australian taxpayers ? ambulance-chasing lawyers swing into action, and a hospital stay becomes permanent residence. There have been allegations that parents and advocates coach detainees, especially children, to self-harm, as a means of getting to Australia. Resettlement in New Zealand is just another back-door to their preferred destination.

If Labor and NZ Labour have their way, expect a lot more child abuse, and more deaths at sea as the people-smugglers swing back into business with alacrity.

Even at the state level, Labor?s duplicity is breath-taking. Quote:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has promised a near-billion dollar cash splash on the state?s healthcare system with more nurses, ambulance workers and funding for specialist appointments in a major pre-election pitch promising ?fairness? for Victoria?Labor has sought to win over voters emphasising a $40bn infrastructure pipeline under construction. End of quote.

If the state?s infrastructure is so bad that it needs such a massive splurge, then it?s largely Labor?s fault. Labor was in power in Victoria for six out of the last ten years. In the 36 years since John Cain?s Labor won government in 1982, Labor were in power for 25. One of the Andrews government?s first acts was spending one billion dollars to not build a road.

Labor?s sanctimonious double-dealing is astonishing, even by the normally low bar set by politics. Time and again, Labor has created problems in government and then campaigned on those very problems when in opposition.

Time and again, their camp-followers in the mainstream media have abetted them by turning a willfully blind eye to their deceit.