Labour wins 2020 election

… in October 2018

We have the most incompetent government in living memory. Their combination of inexperience and ineptitude is now really starting to show through the gloss that Jacinda created with her magic wand. She is being seen as the empty celebrity that she is – the Kardashian of New Zealand politics. She has photo shoots with Anne Hathaway and cuddles her baby at the U.N. General Assembly, but then makes ‘captain’s calls’ that are damaging and dangerous to the economy and security of her country. She is surrounded by people with no political or ministerial experience, who make dreadful errors, and who have made promises that they will never be able to keep.

The media should be flaying them alive, although they are not; however, it was looking as if the MSM were starting to criticise the government, at least to some extent, when Jacinda failed to front at interviews, and also when there was a story of a minister physically assaulting a staff member. The opposition were looking strong and cohesive, openly criticising the government daily, and getting some traction, particularly when fuel prices started to rise.

Enter, stage left – Jami-Lee Ross and now the heat is off the government and heavily onto the opposition.

Just at a time when they should be applying a blowtorch to the government for their constant failure to keep their promises, National is embroiled in its own messy scandal – one of epic proportions and this is exactly what they do not need.

We used to laugh at Labour with its string of leaders in opposition but at least Phil Goff, even with a poisoned chalice, managed to last a whole parliamentary term as leader. Thanks to Ross’s unnecessary posturing (and now serious claims against his leader), Simon Bridges won’t last more than a few months.

The entire matter of the leaking scandal left Bridges in a no-win situation: he would have looked weak if he didn’t hold an inquiry, but he probably never dreamed at the outset that it was one of his own people that was responsible for the leak. He was hoping to do damage to the government but ended up scoring a massive own goal instead.

Now the party’s ‘steady as she goes’ reputation has gone, and instead of looking like the party ready to step into the shoes of an incompetent government, they look like a ship that has just run onto rocks and is taking in water all over the place.

Jami-Lee Ross may have mental health issues, but the damage he has done to Simon Bridges and the National party is palpable. His actions of savaging his own party are almost unprecedented. Mud sticks and it will stick to Simon Bridges, even if he is cleared completely of any wrongdoing. He has no power or authority now.

How National regroups and regains the confidence of the electorate remains to be seen but one thing is clear. A lot of people have been saying that Simon Bridges was the best thing to happen to the Labour government. Now though, I think we all know that the best thing to happen to this government in its short history is definitely Jami-Lee Ross.