Labour’s crim-hugging extends to letting a lying, violent drug dealer get residency while still in prison

Iain Lees-Galloway should have stuck to filching press gallery booze, because he’s had a real ‘mare in allowing a lying, violent drug dealer get residency while still in prison: Quote:

A convicted drug smuggler has been handed an unprecedented?get-out-of-jail card: instead of being deported after serving his prison sentence, the Government has granted him?New Zealand?residency.

Minister of Immigration Ian Lees-Galloway?has made a special decision to grant the 37-year-old Czech national residency, even though he came to New Zealand on a false passport and is now serving time in Auckland South prison?for importing?drugs with a street value of $375,000.??

Karel?Sroubek??fled?to New Zealand with a friend’s passport in 2003. He claimed he was on the run from?corrupt cops after witnessing a murder. Under the name Jan?Antolik?he built a new life as a businessman, a?representative-level?kickboxer, and a Hells Angels associate.

When the law caught up with him, he admitted his criminal ties in the Czech Republic ? but he seemed unable to escape old habits?with several brushes with NZ Police over the past 15 years.

Sroubek?has faced several charges, relating to drugs and robbery. But was either acquitted or had his convictions overturned ??until he was found guilty of using his drink importation business as a front to smuggle 5kg of MDMA, which is used to make the drug Ecstasy. He was?jailed for five years and nine months.

He was refused parole last month: Parole Board panel convenor Judge?Phil Gittos said he gave “evasive, long-winded and … in many respects manifestly untruthful” responses. End quote.

So, Labour has allowed residency for a violent, gang associate, drug dealer. They really are taking crim-hugging to whole new depths with this one.

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