Like nothing ever seen before

Winston Peters says he’s never seen anything like this ever before. He’s right, it is worse than when his “tight five” shafted him for cushy jobs: Quote:

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says New Zealand politics has hit a new low in the wake of the Jami-Lee Ross tape saga and his public feud with National Leader Simon Bridges.

Peters ? who has been a Member of Parliament for the better part of 25 years ? said he has “never seen a meltdown like this in my time in politics.

It’s venal, it’s vicious and a level of public debate we have seen in the US, which we saw in the spill in Australia and now [we’re seeing it] in National.“? End quote.

It was Paula Bennett who took it to the new low. They gave Jami-Lee Ross leave because of a breakdown and part of that was caused by vicious unnamed smears against him by anonymous women. It’s the worst thing that can happen to a man in any profession. Worse, they knew about it and did nothing; instead deciding to feed it to their usual hitmen at Newsroom. The same organisation used to rinse other enemies of the party apparatus and leadership, even using the same reporter, who has her own skeletons in the closet that now can be legitimately raised.

That is what National has done with this attack; they have now said that there are no more private lives. That everyone is now a target, including media for their rooting and dodgy behaviour. It is all on now.

They pushed a desperate man into a corner and then showed him that he had nothing to lose. The problem is that man knows where all the bodies are buried and if that is how Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett negotiate then they are simply political retards and should be rinsed accordingly. I know Simon Bridges isn’t squeaky clean. I certainly know Paula Bennett isn’t squeaky clean. This is going to be very bloody and very messy and the only real way this can end now is for Paula Bennett and Simon Bridges to fall on their swords.?Quote:

Yesterday, former National MP Jami-Lee Ross released a secret recording of Bridges calling MP Maureen Pugh “f***ing useless.”

Bridges apologised to her soon after the tape was released.? End quote.

That is the second time Bridges has had to apologise for careless words. Some leader he is. Now he has a caucus of rooters all looking over their shoulders, knowing that their former hitman knows all and wondering who is next.??Quote:

A day prior, Ross stood in front of press for an hour and launched a scathing attack on Bridges ? calling him a “corrupt politician.”

Bridges denied this and said the tape Ross released on Twitter showed no evidence of his claims.

“He is a liar, and he has defamed me.”? End quote.

That is just pathetic and weak. He sounds like a wimp in the sandpit complaining about sand being kicked in his face.?Quote:

Speaking to media before Question Time, Peters said Kiwis’ would have been “shocked” to hear the way Bridges talked about Pugh.

He seeks to make an apology which cannot possibly stand up against the flippant way he dismissed her and others.

Bridges also suggested, in the tape, senior MPs Chris Finlayson and David Carter were on their way out.

I always knew that Finlayson ? the greatest legal mind the Commonwealth has ever seen ? was going and Mr Carter had gone by his used by date a long time ago.”

Peters said Bridges is a “dead man walking, politically”.

I wouldn’t put a timeline on it because stupidity has no bounds when it comes to political awareness but go he will, as leader“. End quote.

Yes he will, because National played their big bomb yesterday, stupidly thinking it would silence Jami-Lee Ross. It didn’t. They have no plays left. And Jami-Lee Ross has boxes of grenades from his time as whip.

The whole party from the top down is going to need a clean out. Caucus is going to need to act because it is apparent that Simon Bridges has failed to realise his own political mortality.