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How Big is New Zealand?

Based on the standard Mercator Projection (depicted above), New Zealand seems like ……well……relatively small. Our rock is dwarfed by Australia and lost within the vastness of the Pacific Ocean that brags some 20,000 Islands and Atolls.

The fact of the matter is, we are not a continent, but a country. So how do we compare to other countries?

When it comes to a size we cannot compare ourselves with?Australia. Although Australia is a country it’s also a continent that boasts a landmass of 7.692?million?km? versus our 268,021?km?. It is also the least populated continent after Antarctica, only 0.28% of the total Earth’s population living there.

So how big are we when we compare apples to apples. The? this into perspective.

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We are slightly smaller than Japan that has a population of 130m.?However, we are larger than the UK! The UK has a landmass of 242,495?km? and a population of about 66m.

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That’s us compared to South Africa with an estimated 50m plus people.

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When compared to other European countries we get a more realistic perspective of our size.

New Zealand =?268,021?km?

?Romania 238,397
?Belarus 207,600
?Greece 131,940
?Bulgaria 110,994
?Iceland 102,775
?Hungary 93,030
?Portugal 91,568
?Austria 83,858
?Czech Republic 78,866
?Serbia 77,453
?Ireland 70,273
?Lithuania 65,300
?Latvia 64,589
?Croatia 56,594
?Bosnia and Herzegovina 51,129
?Slovakia 49,036
?Estonia 45,339
?Denmark 44,493
?Switzerland 41,290
?Netherlands 41,198
?Moldova 33,846
?Belgium 30,510
?Albania 28,748
?Macedonia 25,713
?Turkey* 23,507
?Slovenia 20,273
?Montenegro 13,812
?Kosovo 10,908
?Cyprus 9,251
?Azerbaijan* 6,960
?Luxembourg 2,586
?Georgia* 2,428
?Andorra 468
?Malta 316
?Liechtenstein 160
?San Marino 61
?Monaco 2.02
?Vatican City 0.44