Mixing politics with pleasure


Politics and sex is a heady, explosive combination liable to blow up in the face of the most dedicated public figure when not handled with the utmost care.

Affairs which began as consensual, over time can morph into malice.? Who do you believe when a relationship sours and ‘he’ is a public face with everything to lose, and ‘she’ is an anonymous woman with no skin in the game?

So it proved for Jami-Lee Ross when a bunch of anonymous women told tales to reporter Melanie Reid who claimed Ross displayed a pattern of bullying, intimidation, entrapment and abusive behaviour toward them.

That’s quite a mouthful of despicable behaviour from Reid. She hasn?t missed a beat, possibly because she copied the alleged behaviour straight from the playbook for paid up members of Hollywood’s #MeToo movement.

We should not be impressed by these over-privileged and over-paid actresses who stole the #MeToo movement primarily for the purpose of forgoing the supply of traditional ‘casting couch’ favours to famous Hollywood producers like Harvey Weinstein.

This current face of #MeTo is the polar opposite of the original movement. The roots of the movement are embedded in the lives of poor, vulnerable girls and young women who are genuine survivors of sexual abuse. Set up in 2006 in disadvantaged black and coloured American communities, youth worker Tarana Burke said: Quote.

The MeToo Movement? started in the deepest, darkest place in my soul.

As a youth worker, dealing predominately with Black children and children of color, I had seen and heard my share of heartbreaking stories?from broken homes to abusive or neglectful parents…

The ?me too? movement supports survivors of sexual violence and their allies by connecting survivors to resources, offering community organizing resources, pursuing a ?me too? policy platform, and gathering sexual violence researchers and research.

‘Me Too? movement work is a blend of grassroots organizing to interrupt sexual violence and digital community building to connect survivors to resources.

In less than six months, because of the viral #metoo hashtag, a vital conversation about sexual violence has been thrust into the national dialogue.

What started as local grassroots work has expanded to reach a global community of survivors from all walks of life and helped to de-stigmatize the act of surviving by highlighting the breadth and impact of a sexual violence worldwide.?End of quote.

Burke sees the expansion of her project as a good thing, ignoring the argument that the wider community, notably Hollywood, actually derailed the movement from its original objectives, upped its profile and irretrievably ruined it for the public good.

It’s also important to note that anonymity was included in the original movement for the healing and protection of vulnerable and powerless survivors with no rights, few allies and bleak futures.

When Hollywood seized on, and stole the MeToo concept in 2017, they vilified it for their own selfish purposes and forever changed its profile.? They recognised the value of anonymity, not for the benefit of genuine sexual abuse survivors, but because it did away with challenges to claims.

The usual target of the new #MeToo movement is a public figure who quickly recognizes that real damage is done to their reputation.

Supporters of #MeToo see no need to substantiate claims as we saw in Christine Blasey Ford’s unbelievable and unproven claims against Brett Kavanaugh, where supporters of the #MeToo movement supported Ford regardless.

It doesn’t matter that claims go back decades making substantiation impossible and irrelevant when the mere whiff of scandal from a sexual abuse charge will send a male politician, movie star or any public figure running for cover.

Of course, it’s pretty easy to find complainants with genuine grudges who are more than happy to embellish or entirely make up a story under anonymity. The anonymous accuser has nothing to lose.

Trump experienced the #MeToo movement first hand through?Stormy Daniels.? He said that paying complainants? large sums of money to sign non-disclosure agreements and go away is seen as ?guilty until proven innocent.?? The very opposite of American law which says ?innocent until proven guilty? Trump says it shouldn?t be this way, and warns of the dangers of the MeToo movement.? Quote.

?[Trump said] he, Kavanaugh, and a number of his friends who have been accused of sexual misconduct are the victims of a ?big, fat con job,? he warned any keenly listening young men that they, too, could run afoul of the insatiable #MeToo movement, which is ?being perpetrated by some very evil people, some of whom are Democrats.” End of quote.

It seems the practice is working well enough here too.? Ross was in a three-year relationship with one of his accusers, who victimised him when the relationship ended by sending an abusive text message ending with an instruction to Ross to kill himself.? The #MeToo movement would be proud, but who was the real bully?

To take out a politician, or any rival public figure, the #MeToo recipe is as follows:

  • Identify your target public figure;
  • Find as many women as you can with a grudge against the target;
  • Prime them with typical #MeToo claims of sexual abuse;
  • Drop an unscrupulous reporter into the mix;
  • Cover and allow to simmer on the back burner until ready to use;
  • When the time is right, lift the lid and stand back to watch all hell break loose.


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