Mum takes on school bully

I usually have mixed feelings about a ‘discharge without conviction’, but this is one situation where it seems perfectly justified.

This from a Newspaper.

An Auckland mum lashed out and assaulted a teenage girl who had been bullying her daughter – grabbing her by the hair and hitting her repeatedly in the face.

But Kingsland woman Nicola-Jane Jenks has avoided a conviction, with a District Court judge saying she had made a “bad decision” which should not impact on the rest of her life.

And Jenks says she regrets the incident but, it was the “consequence” of the ongoing bullying.

In May Jenks assaulted a 17-year-old near Mount Albert Grammar School after receiving a distressed phone call from her scared daughter.

Her child had been bullied for some time and it had a huge effect on the teenager.

On the day of the assault Jenks effectively snapped and fought back in a bid to ease her child’s suffering.? End of quote.

A mother bear protecting her cub.? Don?t mess with a mother bear when her cub is in danger.? Quote.

She was charged with common assault and at her first appearance in the Auckland District Court, pleaded guilty.

At sentencing on Thursday Judge Tony Fitzgerald said Jenks had made a bad decision under circumstances that would have tested any parent.

“You quite rightly feel ashamed for the way you acted,” he said.

The court heard that two years of physical and verbal bullying had foreshadowed the way Jenks had acted on May 14.

Judge Fitzgerald said that In [sic] October 2016, the teen Jenks assaulted had thrown a bottle at her daughter, striking her in the back.

Photographs show a bruise on the collar bone “that suggests it was thrown with some force” – an issue Jenks took up with the school and police.[?]? End of quote.

I wonder what happened about that?? Was the girl charged with assault?? Because if not, it seems grossly unfair that she got away with that, yet Mum was charged with common assault for protecting her child.

So what did Mum actually do that was so terrible?? Quote:

[?] Jenks dragged the 17-year-old by her ponytail and hit her several times with an open hand.

The teenager suffered bruises to the left cheek and scalp.

She also reported to police vomiting and spending hours in hospital at the time to ensure there were no internal injuries.? End of quote.

What a cry baby.? The second she gets a taste of what she has been dishing out, she becomes a drama queen, vomiting and spending hours in the hospital in case of ?internal injuries? because she got her face slapped. I will give?her credit for having a ponytail though as it makes a very effective grab handle.?Quote:

In her latest victim impact statement the teenager said she no longer liked to be anywhere alone and felt humiliated that the assault occurred in front of her peers.[?]? End of quote.

Oh boo hoo. You dish it out cupcake, you take it.

The judge had this to say:? quote:

“You are 50 years old and you should have handled it a lot better than you did,” said Judge Fitzgerald.

He explained there were many factors to be considered in Jenks’ favour.

Jenks had no previous convictions, had entered a guilty plea, had engaged in both volunteer work and counselling, and had offered to partake in restorative justice.

“Your remorse is deep and genuine.”? End of quote.

I think if it was me, the only thing I would be feeling sorry for is that I hadn?t bitch slapped her for the rest of the week.? Quote:

[?] Jenks said she regretted her actions – but said the problem of bullying in schools had to be addressed.

“Of course I do [regret the incident].

“But my daughter was bullied for two years and this is the result of it.

It’s about bullying in schools and it just has to stop. This is the consequence of it.”? End of quote.

Sometimes the bullies need to get what they dish out for them to stop their behaviour.? Big ups to you Mum.