New Zealand politics: A circus for self serving highly paid clowns

What we have seen from the Labour Party during their term in opposition and what we are now seeing from the National Party brings into question the state of New Zealand politics. One only has to view Question Time to find the answer.

To start with the speaker, an ex-school teacher, runs the house like a class of primary one children giving and deducting numbers of questions. Pathetic. The only justification for this is indeed most of them behave as if they are in primary one.

Let?s look at the main Parties:

Credit: SonovaMin

In respect of the Labour party, most ministers are completely out of their depth and often struggle to answer a question correctly. The achievements of the government to date are in accordance with what is on show in parliament. We have a prime minister who appears to think GDP is a Grand Display of Parenthood. Her understanding of economics is abysmal. Her Finance minister is not much better. Running the country is not like starring in a Hollywood movie. Unfortunately, it is obviously something that is beyond the competence of this lady.

In respect of New Zealand First they have a leader who, as Deputy Prime Minister, is intent on being the House?s Court Jester. His attempts at humour are embarrassing in the extreme and it is irritating to watch his group of childish sycophants applaud or laugh at his every attempt at so-called humour. It is high time that the speaker threatened him with expulsion from Question Time. The playing of Burning Bridges to the media pack this week was nothing short of a juvenile attempt to be funny; but if he had a modicum of intelligence he would know that all he achieved was bringing Parliament into disrepute.

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

In respect of the Greens, there is little to be said beyond the fact that, collectively, they are a disgrace to Parliament. They are a far left outfit masquerading as an environmental party. They are a joke. Like the prime minister, they are ideologically driven, intent on taking the country down a very dangerous path.
Winston Peters has aligned himself with a left-wing agenda which is being implemented by the Left the world over. It is in accordance with the UN plan which has as its aim a World government. We all know what sort of government that would be.

National has now created a mess of its own making. This is inexcusable from a party that until now has prided itself on discipline and unity. It is particularly galling from a party that, one on one, has far more to offer than the current government both in ability and policy.

In the light of all the above one can only conclude that politics in this country is in a sorry state. Politicians, by and large, seem to have forgotten that they are there to serve the people who voted them in. Parliament is not a circus for self serving highly paid clowns. It is a place where we entrust those elected to make responsible decisions on our behalf. This, sadly, is not happening in the current parliament.