No Cindy, we don’t want to read between the lines, we want this ratbag gone

Jacinda Ardern wants us to all read between the lines on the decision to let a hardened violent and drug dealing criminal stay in New Zealand: Quote:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern dropped hints on the “difficult” decision over?convicted drug smuggler?Karel?Sroubek’s residency application.

Stuff?reported?on Sunday that Sroubek had been handed an unprecedented?get-out-of-jail card in getting residency,?instead of being deported after serving his prison sentence.

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway made the?special decision, even though the?37-year-old Czech national?came to New Zealand on a false passport and is now serving time in Auckland South prison?for importing?drugs with a street value of $375,000.

Ardern told reporters to?”read between the lines” as to why?Sroubek had been allowed to stay in New Zealand despite his crimes, but would not give any detail on whether?he was under threat in his homeland. End quote.

Presumably we are supposed to think that this scumbag, gang affiliate would have his life at risk if returned to the Czech Republic. I think most Kiwi voters would think that was just too bad.

He’s a criminal and now Labour have cuddled right up to him to let him stay.

But Jacinda has forgotten something. The Czech Republic is part of the EU, and he is a Czech citizen and so can arrive anywhere in the EU and travel everywhere without a passport. He doesn’t even have to go back to the Czech Republic, so we can deport him once he finishes prison and drop him off anywhere inside the EU and forget about him.

So, do we want him here? Not bloody likely.

God knows why Labour cuddled up to this scumbag. Says it all really.

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