No steel or aluminium tariff exemptions for NZ

Before her resignation, Nikki Haley addressed the UN General Assembly and warned all parties that America would be a friend to those who were friendly to them. It was intended as a warning shot at those countries, such as Pakistan and Palestine (not technically a country, but you get my drift), that were taking huge amounts in aid from the US and openly disparaging them at the same time. It was a warning that was meant to be taken seriously; not just by rogue states but by everyone in the world. America has spoken. Treat us well and you will receive the same courtesy. It is plain, basic diplomacy really.

So it was a shame when Jacinda Ardern first met Donald Trump shortly after she became prime minister that she could not display at least basic manners, making sarcastic comments and then quipping to the media later that he was not quite as ‘orange’ as she had expected. It seems that, in the Trump era, it is perfectly okay to insult the president of the United States which is a situation that would not have been imaginable just two years ago.

Since then, Jacinda has developed a bit of an international reputation for being ‘progressive’ and a lot of that stems from her clearly antagonistic attitude toward Donald Trump. It also stems from reckless actions such as destroying New Zealand’s oil and gas industry, which is seen as ‘progressive’ by left-leaning international media as well. Her stupidity and recklessness in her treatment of the POTUS has caused another local industry to suffer. New Zealand has not managed to gain an exemption from tariffs on our steel and aluminium.

A newspaper?reports:?quote.

Trade Minister David Parker has been unable to secure an exemption from US steel and aluminium import taxes but says his officials will continue lobbying New Zealand’s case.

But Parker was not sounding optimistic about their chances of winning US trade officials over, telling the?Herald?”the longer it goes on without being resolved, the less confident we would be” of securing an exemption.

Parker spent the better part of this week in Washington DC “advancing New Zealand’s interests in reform of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)” as well as advocating for an exemption to US tariffs on steel and aluminium.

The tariffs were imposed in March this year ? soon after, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wrote a letter to US President Donald Trump pleading New Zealand’s case for an exemption. end quote.

The rules of society are as simple today as they have always been. If you insult someone, they will not like you and they will not do you favours. Donald Trump probably had no input into this decision personally, but the US trade officials will be well aware of Jacinda’s attitude towards their president. Australia had no trouble getting tariff exemptions, but then Malcolm Turnbull didn’t call Trump ‘orange’. quote.

National’s Trade Spokesman Todd McClay had been applying pressure on Parker to secure the exemptions.

He said the tariffs make it much harder for New Zealand steel and aluminium exporters to get their product into the US. end quote.

See? Another New Zealand industry damaged by the Princess and she wonders why business confidence is down. quote.

“The United States is New Zealand’s third largest trading partner, however, the threat of escalating tariffs remain an issue of concern for our exporters.”

He said Parker “must come back from his trip with a guarantee that New Zealand steel and aluminium exports would be exempt from these US tariffs.” end quote.

Well, he didn’t come back with an exemption to the tariffs, and he was never going to pull it off.

This is what happens when you insult the president of your third biggest trading partner. Only this government could think for one second that they could actually get away with that sort of action unscathed but it’s too late now.

Fairy dust doesn’t work on everyone, it seems.

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