No, you can’t have the refugees, Cindy

Caption: Please, please, please give me some refugees?

In a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon, Yosemite Sam, running for mayor, cynically tries to put over the baby-kissing gambit. Jacinda Ardern?s ?compassionate? refugee-kissing campaign is just as cynical and hollow, as she rushes around Pacific islands bellowing, “Whaaar’s the refugees? Line up the refugees! Whaaar are the darlin’s? I’m just wild about asylum seekers!”

Unfortunately for her, the Australian government is unlikely to be as obliging as to hand over a few photogenically brown tots from Nauru, just yet ? no matter what the pressers say. Quote:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is inclined to take up New Zealand’s long-standing offer to accept 150 refugees from Nauru and Manus Island on the condition the Parliament passes a stalled bill that would ban any of those people ever coming to Australia.

It marks a turning point in Australia’s opposition to New Zealand’s offer, with the government having previously said the proposal could only be considered once the United States resettlement deal had been completed. End of quote.

In other words, this is like Porky Pig?s insurance policy that promises to pay one million dollars for a black eye?provided the accident occurs as the result of a stampede of wild elephants in your own living room, on the Fourth of July – of any year – between the hours of 3:55 and 4:00 p.m., during a hailstorm.

The American ?resettlement? deal, which the Trump administration loathes anyway, is far from complete. As for the ?lifetime visa ban?: that?s unlikely to pass any time soon. If ever.

Morrison is shining Ardern on, making offers he knows he?ll almost certainly never have to keep. Quote:

And it comes as both major parties face increasing internal pressure to get people off Manus Island and Nauru, with MPs telling their leaders the situation is now critical and the public’s sentiment is changing. End of quote.

This is just so much baloney. A handful of bedwetters in the Liberals and far-left loonies in Labor might fret about fakefugees who refuse to shove off, but the overwhelming view of the Australian public is that these grifting country-shoppers are just not wanted. John Howard and Tony Abbott both won thumping election majorities on the issue, and opinion polls continue to show public support for boat turnbacks. Indeed, the majority of Australians think the government is too soft on asylum seekers.

The elites who voted for their fellow elite, wealthy harbourside doctor Kerryn Phelps, might wring their hands about the poor widdle asylum seekers, but voters in suburbs where these migrants wash up are just fed up.

Just like the rich chardonnay socialists of Wentworth, Jacinda Ardern desperately craves the approval of her lefty echo-chamber. A photo-op with a few refugee kiddies is a golden opportunity for virtue-signal points; but it?s just not going to happen, at least for now. Quote:

The so-called “lifetime visa ban” would prevent anyone who was sent to Nauru or Manus Island after 19 July 2013 from ever receiving a visa to come to Australia, including a business or tourist visa.

The government argues the rules are necessary to stop refugees settling in Australia after going to New Zealand, thus providing a pathway for asylum seekers to end up here after coming by boat.

In response to growing concerns of his own Liberal colleagues – including MPs Craig Laundy, Russell Broadbent and Julia Banks – Mr Morrison repeatedly noted the bill to close the “back door” from New Zealand into Australia had languished on the notice paper since 2016.

Labor, the Greens and a slew of crossbenchers had vowed to oppose the bill in the Senate, meaning it was sure to fail and was never put to a vote.

Fairfax Media understands the government will put the bill to a vote this week if there is sufficient support for it to pass, and is likely to accept New Zealand’s long-standing offer once it is law. End of quote.

The pending election of Kerryn Phelps is unlikely to change the equation any further. Despite her delusions of grandeur, Phelps will be just one vote in a parliament still opposed to either allowing grifting country-shoppers into Australia on the one hand or to banning them from Australia forever, on the other. Quote:

However, the opposition vowed it was not for turning, even in light of Mr Morrison’s offer. A Labor spokeswoman confirmed the party still opposed the legislation. End of quote.

Jacinda Ardern can put on the head-tilting ?compassionate? posturing all she likes, but Scott Morrison is playing her for a fool.

As Dale Kerrigan would say, ?Tell ?er she?s dreamin?!?