NZ Media are one sided and ‘lack balance’

Balance: Scales

Leighton Smith has pointed out the lack of balance from the New Zealand media when it comes to news?coverage of President Trump and American politics in general. As I said in my article earlier this morning I feel that a lack of balance is often found in our media and it is not just restricted to coverage of Trump.

This lack of balance in our mainstream media is why Whaleoil is valuable. While we ourselves do not provide balanced coverage of news stories we do provide balance?because we look at the other side of the news story and give another perspective. Quote.

The population of New Zealand continues to be deprived of any sort of balance with regard to American politics and Trump.

What you get in the media here is, if you’re watching television you will get CNN, in particular […]

In print media, you get the Washington Post and New York Times, one or two others maybe but they’re the main ones. And you can substitute one for the other, especially with the New York Times and Washington Post, they write the same stuff.

[…] this morning, there is another editorial on Trump that shows me that the people who write these stories and editorials are being fed from one source only.

They know absolutely nothing or very little at best?and don’t want to know any more, with regard to what else is going on, on the other side.

It really is quite extraordinary.

[…] you go to Al Jazeera, you go to the BBC, you go to CNN, you go to Fox, there’s one or two others, from the aforementioned group you will get one side of any aspect of this.

You ask someone who watches CNN all the time about this or that and they won’t have a clue.

What you get from Fox is not balance but you will get the input from the other side.?They give you another perspective. end quote.

Tauranga Girl’s recent article on why she supports Whaleoil?attracted a number of comments that revealed some of the reasons why our readers read us. Here is what they had to say on the topic:

[…] being able to read opinions from all sides is what it is all about

I very much appreciate that Whaleoil doesn’t allow the same kind of ad hominem attacks which clutter other blogs. It’s also a treat that we can freely compare opinions on more philosophical topics, not just the news of the day.[…] For me you’re a safety-valve!

With the wall to wall drivel and agenda driven untruths in the mainstream media, it’s important that an independent media platform is supported by us all.

This blog attacks stupid behaviour from all political parties.

I suggest that this is where you will find the most balanced and in-depth analysis of NZ politics at the moment.

The blog has a clear bias, it knows who it likes and who it doesn’t, and fair enough too.

Whilst we may all never agree with others opinions, Whaleoil gives us the platform to express our individual points of view without fear of vilification or ridicule as is the case with many other sites from all the keyboard warriors that are out there.
I am also aware that main heading threads are based on fact and not fiction as opposed to much of the current media. This is important in today’s world so that we don’t go off half-cocked after reading the local paper.
As Cam respects our opinions on here, so should we respect his, regardless of whether we agree with him or not. It is all about Free Speech that we are all wanting without retribution.

I started to follow Whaleoil during the 2014 election, curious as to who Cam Slater was?and what he stood for, having been accused of being that “right-wing attack blogger”.
I soon realised also that the boss was not what he was (and still is) described as being.
I also discovered that Whaleoil contained alternate viewpoints to those expressed in the MSM, both printed and electronically.

I started to look critically what was espoused in the MSM and because of Whaleoil recognised the propaganda coming from there, rather than unbiased news.
I also found that the people commenting expressed on the whole, arguments that I could follow logically and that the discussions were boisterous but well reasoned, thoughtful and were largely devoid of the personal attacks so prevalent on forums such as on the NZH and Stuff websites as well as Facebook.

I don’t always expect to agree with Cam on everything, but so what?

Nine times out of ten I do agree so why give that up. I have not been supportive of JLR (though that doesn’t mean support for SB either) but Cam has a different side and I can say it has tempered my view on this issue in a couple of ways. That’s what good debate can do. I wouldn’t run away from it.

Throughout the 2017 election campaign, I often disagreed with many posts, made a point of commenting my opposing views, and enjoyed the privilege of being able to do so. Whaleoil offers an array of opinions. A platform to discuss various points of view, and the freedom of respectful ?free speech.?
There is no denying that this is the only home for those of us who appreciate honest reporting. Even when it hurts.

Lay down your objections in the comments. Engage.

And that is one of the great things about Whaleoil. As long as you don’t get rude or level personal abuse you can disagree with the writers and the proprietor and still be treated with the same respect as anyone else. And if you can manage to level a well backed and reasoned argument to support your viewpoint you will get support.

When I am reading media articles, I want them to be factual & the truth or as close to the truth as the author can be. If they make a mistake or get it wrong admit it, apologise. It’s all about honesty, integrity & reputation.

About a week ago Cam was sure JLR was the leaker, a few days later he said he was sure he wasn’t. That’s the way it should go as situations change. Whaleoil seems to update us as info’ emerges & that is very important for me.

Whaleoil certainly has opinions & takes a stand & is honest about them. It’s not even too hard. If I don’t agree I still enjoy an alternative point of view. If I really can’t be bothered, I turn the page.

Generally, the commentators are intelligent & present reasonable points. Again so what if I disagree or even agree, I can respond. Interestingly the commentators, generally, are caring when they are aware of problems, even if they don’t fully understand. No trolls is good. Respect is good.

?should go easy on Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett,?. Not going easy is a reason I subscribe. Politicians dish it out, gorge at the trough, & take my tax. Get over it. SB & PB did bad, they deserve to be held to account. Their own caucus isn’t holding them to account, the CoL isn’t holding them to account, the press gallery isn’t holding them to account, we know why.

Cancelling subscriptions, really? How about commenting & discussing it with the rest of us? I would be interested even if I disagree. Otherwise Wrongly Wrongson is waiting.

Loving this post. I have followed Whaleoil for many years, having never joined or posted up until my first post a few days ago. I love following politics (some may call this sad) however I am not a card carrying member of any party, and may, in fact, be called somewhat complicated in my voting history over the last 25 odd years.

What I enjoy about Whaleoil are the astute observations in many posts, the often ludicrous but funny and obvious ?right-leaning? comments from many commentators and the well thought out and insightful comments from many others.

Those who have chosen to quit Whaleoil because of the happenings of the last couple of weeks I believe are struggling with much of the content as it is truly challenging their belief that ?right is always right? or that National is an angelic group of individuals works 24/7 for the good of ?we the people?

The freedom to express your views without abusive behaviour, tantrums and bullying is very important to us all […]? it pays to stick around and join in discussions.

Whaleoil is a great site, the one place where informative and well-written articles on subjects the MSM do not cover or are too scared to touch. It gets to the nitty-gritty of what’s going on. The site includes a touch of humour and a good mix of articles, not all political. I think the designers have got about the right mix. And constructive criticism of leaders on the Right. I see no issue, and if one does not agree, express your opinion and if others agree you will get your support.

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