Opinion: Jami-Lee Ross is a broken man

Soon to be ex-National MP Jami-Lee Ross.

I have found it very interesting to see and read how people are reacting to the Jamie- Lee Ross/Bridges kerfuffle.

Many commenters have voiced an opinion one way or another, with the recent poll here on Whaleoil showing 65% agreeing that they believed Bridges was telling the truth (at time of writing).

Interestingly a similar poll run on the AM Show the same morning showed the opposite, with more people believing Ross. I guess that says something about viewership and political leanings.

What has surprised me the most is people saying that Bridges handled his press conference well. I guess they must have been watching a different press conference to the one I watched. In case you missed it, here it is again.

If I were to have another word of the day for today, it would be ‘obfuscation’.

It appears to me at least that although he was toughing it out, Bridges is clearly crapping himself. He appears shell-shocked which is fair enough, but like Princess Cindy, when put on the spot, he just can’t come up with other ways of saying the same thing. This time he simply repeated ad nauseam that Jami-Lee Ross should go to the police da da da. I think he knows that he has been caught out badly here and he simply isn’t clever enough to swat it all away.

Most people won’t watch the whole video but, believe me, he was supremely uncomfortable by the end. I think it says something that the press corp laughed after Ross left, but seemed dumbstruck after Bridges effort. I don’t think they quite believed what had just happened.

I spent twenty long years dealing every day with people telling me lies, both outright ones and lies by omission. When it comes to Bridges, I firmly believe we are seeing both.

Here is the press conference for Ross.

I have also met plenty of people in similar positions to Jami-Lee Ross and when I watch this video, I would say that Ross was a broken man.

As a cop, I would see this behaviour fairly regularly. Often, when questioning an offender, all you get is lies, lies and more lies. After a time, and with clever questioning, you start catching them out on the lies and you finally get to the point where the person breaks. They come to the realisation that the game is up. They resign themselves to their fate.

At this point, if there are big consequences on the line, they seem to visibly slump; after that there is usually a huge sigh of relief, then they start answering your questions truthfully. They appear to get to a point where they realise their lies were not being believed, and then they come clean. It’s not just a matter of telling the truth to make it better for themselves; they really do seem to break at this point.

What is interesting in these types of situations are the ones who are really in for the high jump. They seem to come to the acceptance that they are done for; they will be going down for whatever it was that they did. They often completely spill the beans, knowing full well that what they are telling you will only harm them in the long run. A lawyer’s nightmare if you will.

I believe it is a conscience thing. It feels good to tell the truth sometimes. After trying to sustain the lie for so long, it feels good to just admit it all and let the cards fall where they may. They know they are done for and they just seem to accept it lock, stock and barrel. Sometimes, a person simply realises finally?that the lying just has to stop, they can’t do it anymore and what will be will be.

In my opinion, and that is all this is, is this is where we find Jami-Lee Ross.

I believe he knows he is done for and he knows his career is effectively over.? He knows that by making the kind of statements that he did, outside of the house, that he is opening himself up to prosecution.

Of course, there is a massive element of Utu here as well. He has no qualms about trying to take down Bridges, and equally, he has no qualms about sticking it to the rest of his National Party teammates. But at the end of the day, he has resigned himself to whatever punishment comes his way.

Yes, I believe that he probably can back up his accusations, or at least most of them, but quite simply, to me, he looks like a broken man during this presser. He seems also to have decided that his cards can fall where they may. He seemed resigned to the fact that by doing what he was doing, he knew he was putting himself on the chopping block, it didn’t really matter anymore what was to happen to him.

I think that as this all goes on though, he might get a bit of gumption back, he might even start enjoying the taking down of his old friend and he might get a new wind.

Bridges is right to be nervous. Jamie-Lee Ross has obviously been simmering away in the background for some time.

I have no doubt in my mind that both of these two will drown in this sea of vengeance and spite; it’s just that at that moment, only one of them was still trying to keep his head above water.

We’ll see what happens next.