Oral Questions – 24 October 2018

Questions to Ministers??

  1. Hon SIMON BRIDGES?to the?Prime Minister:?Does she stand by all her Government?s statements and actions?
  2. Hon AMY ADAMS?to the?Minister of Finance:?Is it a goal of this Government?s economic policy to make it easier for New Zealand families and businesses to get ahead?
  3. TAMATI COFFEY?to the?Minister of Finance:?What are the most significant investments the Government has made in the past year?

  4. Hon JUDITH COLLINS?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?What is the total target number of KiwiBuild dwellings via ?buying off the plans? across the three financial years to 2020/21, and what is the total financial value the Government is expected to underwrite if this target is met?
  5. Hon PAUL GOLDSMITH?to the?Minister of Transport:?Will he rule out a regional fuel tax for the Wellington region?
  6. MARK PATTERSON?to the?Minister for Regional Economic Development:?What reports has he seen recently regarding regional development?
  7. Hon LOUISE UPSTON?to the?Minister for Social Development:?Does she stand by her statements, including the statement in the House last week that ?the proportion of people that are currently unemployed is exactly the same as what it was at this time last year: 9.4 percent??
  8. Hon SCOTT SIMPSON?to the?Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety:?How many people have gone on strike in the last 12 months, and how does this compare to the 12 months prior?
  9. JO LUXTON?to the?Minister of Education:?What action, if any, has the Government taken to increase the supply of teachers for 2019?
  10. Hon TIM MACINDOE?to the?Minister for ACC:?Will he rule out proposed increases to ACC levies, including a 12.1 percent increase in the average motor vehicle levy for road users that would raise the price of petrol by a further 1.9 cents per litre?
  11. CHRIS PENK?to the?Minister of Justice:?Does he stand by all his Government?s actions and statements in regards to the Criminal Cases Review Commission Bill?
  12. WILLOW-JEAN PRIME?to the?Minister for Social Development:?What progress, if any, has the Government made with the Te Hiku o Te Ika – Crown Social Development and Wellbeing Accord signed in 2013?