Oral Questions: 25 October 2018

Questions to Ministers

  1. WILLOW-JEAN PRIME?to the?Minister of Finance:?What investments has the Government made to support low and middle income New Zealanders to meet the cost of living?
  2. Hon AMY ADAMS?to the?Minister of Finance:?Does he stand by all the Government?s actions and statements in relation to the New Zealand economy?
  3. Hon PAUL GOLDSMITH?to the?Minister of Transport:?Does he stand by all his statements and actions?
  4. JAMIE STRANGE?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?What progress, if any, has been made towards the Government?s KiwiBuild homes targets?
  5. Hon LOUISE UPSTON?to the?Minister for Social Development:?Is the figure of 4.3 percent which, according to the Ministry of Social Development quarterly benefit statistics is the percentage of the working-age population on the Jobseeker Support benefit, higher or lower than it was a year ago when it was 4.1 percent?
  6. Hon SCOTT SIMPSON?to the?Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety:?Does he stand by all his statements and actions in regards to workplace relations?
  7. Hon JACQUI DEAN?to the?Minister for Small Business:?Does he stand by all his Government?s policies and actions?
  8. Hon TIM MACINDOE?to the?Minister for ACC:?Does he stand by all his answers to Oral Question No. 10 yesterday?
  9. Dr PARMJEET PARMAR?to the?Minister of Research, Science and Innovation:?Does she stand by all aspects of the Government?s R & D tax credit policy?
  10. GINNY ANDERSEN?to the?Minister of Education:?What action has the Government taken over the past year to place young learners and their needs at the centre of the education system?
  11. ANDREW BAYLY?to the?Minister for Building and Construction:?What steps has she taken to ensure a sustainable construction workforce for New Zealand?
  12. ANGIE WARREN-CLARK?to the?Minister of Health:?What progress, if any, has been made in the last year towards a more sustainable public health service?