Paradise with a welfare view

Caption: Yep, all that’s missing is the “Arbeit mach frei” gates.

To hear the left and the media (apologies for the tautology) tell it, Nauru is a Pacific hell-hole: Auschwitz with an ocean view. Country-shopping ?asylum seekers? are ?languishing? in ?despair?, ?imprisoned? and ?tortured?. It?s such a vile place, in fact, that ?refugee? children need to be removed immediately.

Which must surely be news to native Nauruans and their children. Anyway, no-one seems to think they need to be moved so, either they?re extraordinarily resilient, or ?asylum seeker advocates? just don?t give a rat?s arse about them.

Or maybe Nauru really isn?t that bad at all. Sure, it?s hot, but so are ?tropical paradises? like Fiji or Vanuatu. In fact, former prime minister Tony Abbott thinks it?s not bad at all. Quote:

Tony Abbott has urged Scott Morrison to hold the line on asylum seekers and says Nauru is a ?very, very pleasant island.??Mr Abbott also said children on Nauru are ?very well looked after.?

?Health services on Nauru for boat people are more extensive than the services a lot of regional towns get in Australia,? he said.

?Nauru is no hellhole by any means. I?ve been there. If you like living the tropics, it?s a very, very pleasant island.? End of quote.

Of course, anything Tony Abbott says is going to make the left-media?s heads explode with Abbott Derangement, but at least he, unlike the ?compassion? brigade, has been there. As has a Lonely Planet contributor, who wrote of Nauru: ?The scenery is wonderful and every kilometre was full of unique views… I enjoyed watching the obese people on their motorbikes, the friendly people with smiling faces, waving and greeting me, the slow-paced lifestyle and laziness which is anchored in their culture. They enjoy sitting and sleeping and being lazy as hell?.

The facts are that no asylum seekers are in prison on Nauru ? or in detention at all. They have the freedom of the island.

They?re also well supported by the Australian taxpayer: accommodation, welfare, and health services that many rural Australian towns would envy.

Current prime minister Scott Morrison agrees with this assessment. Quote:

?That is the home of Nauruans ? their children live there, their families live there, they go to school there,? Mr Morrison told reporters in Canberra today.

?We should be tempered in our discussion about the nation of Nauru and I think we should treat them with respect.? End of quote.

What the left-media conveniently ignore is that ?refugee? children are on Nauru because of their parents? choices. They shopped around the globe for the best deal, they paid the people-smugglers and they ignored the well-advertised warnings from the Australian government that they would never be allowed into Australia.

The pearl-clutchers will wring their hands and tilt their heads and babble their rote-learned tripe about ?fleeing for their lives?. But if people really were fleeing for their lives, then ending up on a tropical island, far from wars and terrorism, and with free healthcare, education and accommodation would surely seem like a pretty sweet deal.

But of course, that?s not what their parents were country-shopping for. So, they?re still holding out for the better deal: Australia, or even New Zealand.

The trouble is, if the government is seen to cave into one lot of grifting economic migrants, more will actually follow. Quote:

?The people on Nauru and Manus now are nearly all would-be economic migrants. And if we give them what they want, we get more of them. That is to say the boats will start up again,? [Mr Abbott] told 2GB?s Ray Hadley today.

?Of course, kids off Nauru is a good slogan but it?s a dreadful guide for policy because if we can?t have kids on Nauru, just bring some kids with you and you automatically get to Australia.? End of quote.

If Labor and the Greens get their way, watch the boats immediately set sail, and the whole, wretched cycle kick off again.

But, hey, they?re ?compassionate?, and that?s all they care about.