Political train wreck not surprising

For a brief window from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, people in the United States were watching train wrecks for fun. PHOTO BY H.F. PIERSON/LIBRARY OF CONGRESS/CORBIS/VCG VIA GETTY IMAGES

In the light of the farcical behaviour in the last couple of days from a party that should damn well know better, questions now have to be asked of both senior National MP?s and the National Party Board: How the hell did you allow the situation with Jamie-Lee Ross to get to this diabolical point? Where is the Leadership? Where is the discipline National voters expect from their party?

What has happened here is beyond belief. This is the type of diabolical train wreck we expect from the Left.

Apportioning blame here is not difficult. It rests with Ross, Bridges and the board. Who should get the most blame is probably debatable. It maybe needs to be shared equally.

Mr Ross has obviously behaved appallingly and, quite rightly, has paid the price. There are correct procedures to be observed to address the situation he found himself in but they didn?t apply because he was running an agenda of his own. He needs to reflect thoroughly on his actions. There is definitely no place in the party for someone who is not a team player.

I don?t know how much his health played a part in his actions but there is no doubt his own self-importance and ego contributed to his decision making.

I find it incredible that the board took no action and allowed the problems that they must have known about to fester to the point we are now at. In my view, the board of the National Party stand accused of dereliction of duty and should all be giving thought to the positions they hold. They have, by virtue of their non-action, taken the heat off the worst government we have had in a lifetime. This is reprehensible.

The Leadership of the Parliamentary wing of the party is also hugely at fault. That they also allowed Mr. Ross the ability to continue to behave in the manner he did is mystifying – to put it politely. Both Bridges and Bennett must go. If the board want to even slightly redeem themselves they should ensure this happens. Bridges, by his actions, has now ensured this fiasco will go on for weeks, probably months. There has been too much evidence in recent times of the party acting in its own interests and not in the interests of the membership and others who support them. This is totally unacceptable.

Where to now? The only way out of this utter shambles is for National to elect a strong experienced person as their?leader. If the party is listening to its grassroots they will ensure that person is Judith Collins. Forget all the talk about her being polarising and the nonsense of past baggage. The party needs to be well beyond worrying about that if they are serious about the 2020 election. The other MPs, like it or not, need to get behind her and not only show but also ensure there is a united front.

Who would have believed that supposedly intelligent people at both board and leadership level could possibly have allowed this to happen? They should all be hanging their heads in shame. If any of them had an ounce of decency in them, then they would do the right thing for those of us they have let down so badly and resign.

They might be accurately described as Labour lite on policy but when it comes to the unmitigated disaster we are now witnessing they are without question Labour-like organisation.?Unless the necessary action is taken, the immediate future for the National Party, in my view, is grim indeed.