Poll damage starts as National and Bridges slide

National has slid in the polls in the latest 1News/Colmar Brunton poll and so has Simon Bridges: Quote:

Simon Bridges has dropped down to seven per cent in the preferred Prime Minister rankings, with fellow MP Judith Collins overtaking Winston Peters into third position.

?There?s no doubt for any leader, for me, the toughest week in politics,? the National Party leader told 1 NEWS.

?I think there?s no doubt that would have had an impact.?

Jacinda Ardern ? 42% (up 2%)
Simon Bridges ? 7% (down 3%)
Judith Collins ? 5% (up 3%)
Winston Peters ? 4% (down 1%)?End quote.

I don’t think those sort of numbers help anyone. A far better set of numbers would be net favourability. Simon Bridges’ net favourability is so far south it is unrecoverable. Paula Bennett’s aren’t much better, but they are better in National’s internal polling. National only polls the leader and the deputy so there are no other numbers.?Quote:

Last week saw dramatic political events unfold in the National Party, with MP Jami-Lee Ross quitting the party and making a number of allegations against leader Simon Bridges.

The Opposition leader said it was the party vote that ?really matters?, however he did not take the results lightly.

?I?ve got work to do.?

It was Bridges? lowest poll rating since he stepped into the role as National Party leader.

He had been sitting at between 10 and 12 per cent in previous polls.?End quote.

Bridges has been working hard and the numbers aren’t changing; in fact, they are getting worse.?Quote:

The results also showed Labour rose three per cent to 45 per cent and National is down two, to 43 per cent, compared to the last poll conducted nearly three months ago.End quote.

So this poll was due now, not some conspiracy to poll at the worst time possible for National. Quarterly polling is expected. We should expect a Newshub poll in the next week.?Quote:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern rose two per cent to her highest rating as preferred PM to 42 per cent.

The Labour leader told 1 NEWS she hoped it was a ?reflection of people feeling happy with the general direction that we?ve taken as a Government?.

?Leadership is not without its challenges, there are moments of strength and tough times in office as well.?

National MP Judith Collins had been sitting on two per cent since April?s poll, and has jumped up to five per cent.

Bridges said Collins, who rose to five per cent, was a ?high-profile, energetic, valued member of caucus?.

Winston Peters dropped from five per cent in the last poll to four per cent. End quote.

In about three or four weeks this slide will be turning up and accelerating big time in National’s internal polling. According to the 1News story, on the worst polling day in the past week, National did drop below 40%.

Simon Bridges isn’t dead yet, but relatives are considering turning off life support.