Poll Result: National are losing it

On Friday Whaleoil ran a poll,?asking readers who their party vote went to at the last election and who it would go to “if there was an election tomorrow.”

Over 2.8k readers had their say.
Whaleoil readers are mainly rightwing, conservative voters, so no surprises that the parties on the right polled heavily. However, 12% of voters who previously voted for National no longer feel that the National party are deserving of their vote and either opted for ACT or the New Conservatives (call that the Elliot Ikilei bounce) or were unsure.
NZFirst has also lost its rightwing support from?Whaleoil readers after choosing Labour at the last election.

If this 12% drop is put into context against National?s party vote of 44.4% in 2017, they would now be polling in the low to mid-30s if readers of Whaleoil are anything to go by.

It is time to stop the diversity politics and pick the best person to lead the National Party to the next election. It is time for discipline and leadership which are sadly lacking at present.

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