Scientists warn of impending mini Ice Age

I know this is not my usual area of expertise, but I came across this article that I just had to share. It seems that the entire world is completely confused about the question of climate change. It does sometimes seem that things are getting warmer, but then… climate has always changed. My favourite argument against all the warmists out there is that Britain now produces its own wine. The last time it did that was in Roman times. We all know those Romans had some amazing, gas-guzzling chariots, don’t we?

Here is the article, from the?International Business Times, which says that things are definitely going to get colder. quote.

Amid rising concerns over the effects of global warming, a group of scientists has claimed that the Earth could in a little over a decade be hit by a “mini ice age” that would freeze major rivers.

The startling prediction is based on a mathematical model of the Sun’s magnetic energy which also suggests that Earth’s temperature will start dropping in 2021. The plummeting temperature will then lead to something called the “Maunder minimum”, which is referred to a previous mini ice age that occurred between 1646 and 1715, turning London’s Thames into a frozen river, scientists claimed.

The latest research, led by maths professor Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University, is built on a previous research that predicts the movements of two magnetic waves produced by the Sun. It also foretells rapidly decreasing magnetic waves for three solar cycles that will begin in 2021, and last for as many as 33 years. end quote.

The problem, as I often find when trying to do business forecasts, is that things in the future have this pesky habit of not conforming to the way things have been done in the past. quote.

Although Zharkova claimed 97 percent accuracy for the model that corresponds to previous mini ice ages, she did warn that her model could not be used as proof of a future mini ice age, partly because of global warming. The new research paper on the findings was published this year in?Astronomy & Geophysics. end quote.

So she is saying that it is going to get colder, but not necessarily as cold as it was in the 17th century because global warming has made things hotter. Okay. A mini mini Ice Age then. It still means things are going to cool down. quote.

“I hope global warning will be overridden by this effect, giving humankind and the Earth 30 years to sort out our pollution,”?Zharkova told Sky News, adding that any possible downward impact on global warming will last until 2050s when the Sun’s two magnetic waves become active again.

“We have to be sorted by that time and prepare everything on Earth for the next big solar activity,” Zharkova said. end quote.

Now, that’s interesting. Did you see that? She expects the planet to start warming again, but only because of ‘the next big solar activity’. Not because we are all burning too many fossil fuels.

As I said, the past is not a good basis for the prediction of future events, but the idea of ‘global warming’ has become so entrenched now, there is no getting away from it. Everyone seems to fall into the trap. At least some of the scientists seem to think that we are not going to hell in a handcart quite yet. When things do start to cool – assuming that they do – it will give us all a bit of a breather from the doom merchants and the economic madness that prevails at present.

Bring it on. Let’s all be cool.