Seriously Paula? You’re playing that card with your background in parliament?

Paula Bennett is the latest to have lost the plot, accusing Jami-lee Ross of inappropriate relationships.

The NZ Herald reports: Quote:

National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett says the issues raised with Jami-Lee Ross had nothing to do with harassment, but were about inappropriate behaviour from Ross as a “married Member of Parliament”.

She is vehemently denying Ross’ claim the leadership team accused him of harassing women.

Ross told reporters this morning he was marched into National leader Simon Bridges’ office about three weeks ago and told of four independent accusations of harassment from women.

He said he was to be stripped of his portfolios and dumped on the backbenches, and when he tried to find out more information about the allegations, Bridges threatened him.

“I asked for details. I was not given any … He told me if I kept asking for natural justice, that it would not be just four women. It would be 15 women.”

Bennett said the leadership team raised issues with Ross – but it wasn’t about harassment.

“At no point was the matter of sexual harassment ever put to Jami-Lee Ross,” Bennett told the?Herald.

What was put to him was inappropriate behaviour that is unacceptable from a married Member of Parliament.End quote.

Seriously? She’s playing that card? With her history? Against a man with nothing to lose?

She’s mad. Especially with her nickname among the staffers. This play will go out the back door.

But in any case, a politician who roots? A shorter list would those who don’t. A very short list.

This is desperation stuff from Paula Bennett. If rooting disqualifies one from parliament then the place will empty faster than a pub with no beer…from the speaker down.

This is not going to end well.