SJWs really are ignorant and nasty

If you’ve been wondering why your “progressive” friends all seem so ignorant and nasty, you’re not just imagining things.

I grew up in a bog-standard 70s centre-left milieu. Everyone voted Labor, Gough Whitlam was well-nigh a secular saint, and I cut my political teeth trailing behind my elder siblings at anti-nuclear rallies. As I grew older and became heavily involved in the indie music scene of the 80s, I was still immersed in an atmosphere of unquestioning left-wing orthodoxy: Reagan, bad; Thatcher, bad; socialism, good.

Years later, though, I began to change my mind about a great many things that I?d never questioned. I began to read books and listen to speakers who challenged much of what I?d always taken for granted. It was a shock to feel ?the rodent slowly stirring in my viscera?, as Christopher Hitchens said of Thatcher. ?The uneasy but unbanishable feeling that on some essential matters she might be right.?

I noticed something else, as well, in the then-new world of social media: whilst I?d often argued furiously with conservative friends, they?d always stuck around. But, as I questioned the conventional wisdoms of my ?liberal? friends, my friends-list steadily dwindled. Often people I?d known personally for decades.

Turns out it?s not just me. Quote:

“I’m a centrist: I hold some conservative views and some liberal views. But I’m more afraid of talking to my liberal friends about my conservative views than I am talking to my conservative friends about my liberal views.” – Melissa Chen.

“When I debate Christians, Jews, Creationists, climate deniers etc. they are unfailingly polite, respectful, thoughtful, discerning, & listen to my arguments. Far Left SJWs do not. They simply look for fault & pounce.” – Michael Shermer. End of quote.

They are becoming increasingly and aggressively intolerant. In the lead-up to Australia?s same-sex marriage survey, several of my ?liberal? friends posted on Facebook, demanding that anyone planning to vote ?No? identify themselves ? so they could be immediately unfriended. Quote:

How and why have these activists become so intolerant and horrible to deal with? Part of this hostility can be explained by a wilful ignorance and incuriosity about ideas with which they disagree?

The liberal philosopher John Stuart Mill once explained that?unless we carefully study the views of those with whom we disagree, we will never really know what they?re right or wrong about. ?He who knows only his own side of the case,? Mill wrote in his 1859 book On Liberty, ?knows little of that.? End of quote.

Christopher Hitchens said that, in defending Holocaust denier David Irving, he learned more about Nazi Germany than he ever did at Oxford. Quote:

The world is more complex than we can imagine, and every new point of view we encounter can enrich our understanding even if we don?t embrace it entirely. But this comes with the risk of self-effacement and growing uncertainty?This is the wellspring of intellectual humility, the Socratic realization that the more you know, the more you realize you don?t know. End of quote.

Nowadays I almost invariably ignore political posts from my remaining ?liberal? friends. Unfortunately, while this buys me some peace, it also only reinforces the echo-chamber of ignorance those people have locked themselves into. Quote:

A whole raft of brilliant philosophers and Nobel Prize-winning economists lean to the right. The problem is that these people tend to go into business or enter academic fields like engineering, economics, and mathematics. They have therefore surrendered the humanities and what philosopher Roger Scruton has called the ?fake fields? of gender and ethnic studies to their political opponents on the Left, who relish their role as the unchallenged shapers of student minds? End of quote.

Of course, they do: it?s all part of the strategy coined by Marxists in the late 60s: the Long March through the Institutions. Consequently they’ve raised a generation of easily-controlled, vicious ignoramuses. Authoritarians are like that. Quote:

[moral psychologist Jonathan] Haidt recalls a telling experiment?Asked to think the way a liberal thinks, conservatives answered moral questions just as the liberal would answer them, but liberal students were unable to do the reverse. Rather, they seemed to put moral ideas into the mouths of conservatives that they don?t hold?People get angry at what they don?t understand, and an all-progressive education ensures that they don?t understand?.

University educators have created a Frankenstein generation of fanatical students. End of quote.

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