The day Youtube went down

Youtube went down yesterday and hilariously some idiots rang the poor New Zealand police to complain about it. The New Zealand police are IT specialists? Who knew.

Now excuse me one moment while I make myself a tinfoil hat because I am going to speculate on why Youtube went down as well as predict what will be missing from Youtube when it eventually goes back up.

Now that my tinfoil hat is firmly attached to my head I will speculate on why Youtube went down.


Theory number one:

It was an attack by crazy right-wing hackers

Youtube have been complete and utter plonkers and have made many enemies due to their censorship of conservative channels. They have de monetised?really popular conservative channels while pocketing the advertising cash for themselves. Prager U is one well known conservative channel that took Youtube to court because the censorship and suppression?of their content was?so bad.

Youtube have restricted content that is not R 18 or violent or sexual simply because it is conservative. Our very own video maker Rachel, who is a Classic Liberal politically had an R18 restriction placed on her most popular video so far that exposed a left-wing activist group in New Zealand. It had zero violence, sex or bad language. It was nothing more than heavy-handed censorship.

Theory number two:

It is an elaborate?ruse by the owners of Youtube.

This is all an elaborate plan to provide cover for a mass exorcism of conservative channels. When the lights go back on what’s the bet that your favourite channels will all be missing… somehow ‘lost’ during this mysterious breakdown? In the past,?on three occasions I have been mysteriously unsubscribed from certain conservative? Youtube channels that I follow. They have simply disappeared with no explanation. I have had to actively seek them out and resubscribe. I would not be at all surprised?if Youtube announces that lots of content was lost during the crisis and cannot be restored and that all the missing content will belong to wildly popular conservative channels.