The Inception Party

Politics is all about having friends and allies, and in an MMP environment, nothing could be more true. As the National party has recently found out, if you have no friends, or more accurately, no potential coalition partners, you will probably not make it into government. Even if your party gets the most votes out of all the other parties, by a country mile.

This is an anomaly that we should correct. The party with the most votes should at least be given the first opportunity to form a government, as they do in Germany. It guarantees nothing, but at least the party with the most support has the best chance, and it puts them under pressure to do just that and so they should.

Until that anomaly is corrected – if it ever is – we have to deal with the fact that MMP here means that no party is likely to be able to govern alone. It appears that Bill English thought National might pull this off at the last election. Unfortunately, he was wrong. We all know how that played out. It didn’t end well.

In the last few days, we have seen the end of the dream for the National Party. This is the largest opposition in MMP history, that has always presented a strong, solid ‘steady as she goes’ public front, showing themselves to be ready to step into the government’s shoes any time the Coalition of Losers falters.? It is a train wreck of epic proportions. You wouldn’t dream about it.

What if it was all carefully planned? Could that be right? Or, if not, then what if it has now been seen as an opportunity for a rogue MP to create a new party that will take up with National as a coalition partner?

Sounds like I am dreaming?

What if Jami-Lee Ross wins the Botany by-election and sets up the ‘Inception’ Party?

Do you think he would do a deal with Labour? I doubt it. A Bridge too far.

He may be prepared to do a deal with the National Party and, assuming that ACT has self-destructed by 2020, this would give National some support, and – dare I say it? – enough support to get them back into government. Maybe.

The New Conservatives are out there too, but I am not confident that they will get across the line in 2020. They might, but they are probably short on appeal for most voters.

This would require a National party leader who would be prepared to even consider this and, right at the moment, there are not many National MPs feeling kindly towards Jami-Lee Ross. Understandably.

The mental health card has been played here. Possibly overplayed. Ross looked confident and coherent in his recent media interviews. It is now difficult to see him as anything other than smart and extremely manipulative.

Like so many politicians who have gone before him.

Politics is a brutal game. Power corrupts. I think we have seen that in the last week but it is also the stuff of dreams, for those that make it. For those who crave the halls of power, there is nothing more attractive. Or more elusive.

Potential leaders can get over their hurt feelings if it means they make it into the hallowed halls of government.

We need to look for a leader who might be on the fringes at the moment, but who is looking for glory and power. There are probably several. We just don’t know who they are quite yet. But we will. Soon.

So Jami-Lee Ross may present an opportunity for a new National leader to have a cup of tea, share the dream and maybe make it into power. Particularly when we have a government that is seriously incompetent and is driving people into poverty – even those that they profess to want to help.

There really is nothing like a socialist government to make people poorer than they already are.

It may all seem like the stuff of dreams but some of the National politicians with leadership aspirations will already be awake to the potential an independent, former National MP will present. They will be daydreaming already about National rising from the ashes, like a phoenix, with one of them at the helm.

Will National supporters be able to get over the nightmare of the last few days and support Jami-Lee Ross in his dream to stand for Botany as an independent MP?

The ‘Inception’ Party is out there. Jami-Lee Ross just made it real.