The memo has gone out to blame Whitey


The most racist people I know are the ones who think they are anti-racists. They are the ones fixated on identity politics and treating people not as individuals but as part of a collective. This week we have had a string of headlines alleging racism against Maori and two that promote racism against Pakeha. The articles alleging racism against Maori are jumping to some incredibly racist conclusions without any real evidence to back their claims up. The two promoting racism have zero awareness of the absolute racism that is at the heart of the discrimination that they are promoting against non-Maori and non-Pacific Islanders.

It is as if a memo went out with instructions to blame Whitey for all the ills of the world.

On? Stuff?there were these two articles.

  1. Waitangi Tribunal investigates sick, racist health system that ‘fails M?ori’
  2. M?ori nurses suffer discrimination in sick health system

In a newspaper, there was not one but five articles on the topic of racism and discrimination

  1. M?ori babies less likely to be resuscitated, bias blamed
  2. Racial bias and birth: ‘We’re looking through the lens of P?keh?’
  3. Editorial:?Racial bias must not decide fate of premature babies
  4. M?ori, Pacific straight-to-interview policy likely to be copied: expert
  5. M?ori, Pacific job candidates fast-tracked to interview stage at ADHB

On Radio New Zealand there were two articles.

  1. Report shows racial bias in resuscitating newborns
  2. Government to address issues of racial bias around prem babies

On Newsroom in the ‘M?ori health under tribunal spotlight’ article the following claims were made.ote.

  • Inequity and institutionalised racism exist in the current primary health system.
  • M?ori lives are seven years shorter than the lives of non-M?ori.
  • M?ori are twice as likely to face discrimination in health.
  • M?ori are less likely to be referred for diagnostic tests.
  • M?ori children are over two and a half times as likely to have unfilled prescriptions due to cost.
  • M?ori are more than twice as likely to die from preventable diseases.
  • The system is not meeting the needs of M?ori.

The main group making the claims is?quote.

[…] seeking?an apology and repayment of $348 million, representing 16 years of underfunding of M?ori PHOs and providers as well as legislation for primary health care which meets the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

It also seeks ongoing funding for M?ori primary health, to be controlled by M?ori and an independent Ma?ori Health Commissioning Agency.[…]

?The ultimate solution lies in constitutional reform based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi that entrenches equity of outcome and M?ori participation in achieving this,? said Simon Royal, chief executive of the National Hauora Coalition. end quote.

There you have it. This is not about racism at all it is all about?the money. Racism is an accusation being used as a stick in order to try to get more money. Equal opportunity is not what they seek, they want equal outcomes and to get them they first need to blame Whitey.