The moral superiority of Muslim nations

Caption: I’ll take Islam’s moral posturing seriously when staggering rates of child abuse in the Islamic world finally abate.

Islamic supremacists love to tout their alleged moral superiority. ?Contemporary Western, secular societies are the clearest examples of the shifting, self-contradictory nature of jahili [i.e. non-Muslim] civilization?, says one scholar. The Koran characterises non-Muslims as corrupting, and states that Muslims are ?the best nation ever brought forth to men, bidding to honour, and forbidding dishonour?.

Shocking revelations of Christian clerical abuse might, for instance, seem to somewhat justify such attitudes.

Then this happens. Quote:

The abuse of child workers in northern Pakistan is an open secret. Awad, an orphan who has spent time on the streets and in shelters for children, says he knows many other youngsters who are abused in factories and workshops in Kasur, an extremely conservative city in Punjab?About 3.8 million children work in Pakistan. The majority are employed in the agriculture sector, but many work in leather and shoe factories, in mechanics? workshops and restaurants. End of quote.

In the West, clerical abuse, indeed all child abuse, is regarded with abhorrence. Not just those who abuse, but those who cover it up. Quote:

Interviews with children, families, organisations and officials in Kasur reveal that many working children, particularly boys, are expected to indulge in sexual activity with employers, peers and acquaintances, often in return for work or accommodation. Victims are often threatened to keep silent, and the mechanism of fear almost always works.

Bukhari estimates at least 90% of all working children in Kasur under the age of 14 experience sexually harassment or other forms of exploitation, and says he has come across hundreds of cases.

Few government institutions seem to address the issue. Police in Kasur characterise it as a cultural problem. Spokesperson Sajil Ali says: ?It is happening everywhere and there is nothing we can do to physically stop it, until [they] change their minds.? End of quote.

Those numbers are staggering. Child abuse of all forms affects less than 1% of American children ? which is still too many. If the rate of abuse of working children in Kasur is a barometer for the rest of the country, that would indicate a rate of over 30%: perhaps as many as 11 million children.

Pakistan is the third-largest Muslim country in the world. A country so devout that thousands, in cities all over the country, demand the death penalty for a Christian woman who drank from the same water bowl as Muslims. Quote:

Tackling the sexual exploitation of children is apparently not a priority for the government, says Bukhari. ?They know how widespread it is, they even forget to put it on the core agenda of child welfare. That is the extent of their seriousness.?

According to Sahil, an organisation that works on the sexual harassment of children in Pakistan, more than nine children are abused countrywide each day. Mamtaz Gohar, a senior programme manager at Sahil, says the organisation?s ?cruel numbers? reports reflect the scale and nature of the issue. Types of abuse include unwanted kissing or touching, oral sex and rape. End of quote.

It?s no defence that child abuse in the West is regarded with such repugnance that offenders are called ?rockspiders? because they perpetrate their crimes with the utmost secrecy but the idea that children can be openly solicited in places like Pakistan is just staggering. Quote:

Awad?continues to be propositioned in the street but now, he says, he has learned how to protect himself. End of quote.

Islamic supremacists like Yassmin Abdel-Magied love to castigate the West for its past record of colonialism and slavery ? yet she conveniently forgets Islam’s appallingly bloody record of imperial conquest or that slavery is still openly practised in some Islamic countries.

Child abuse is an abhorrent crime, no more acceptable in the West than anywhere else. The next time an Islamic supremacist?boasts of the moral superiority of Islam, just remember those horrifying numbers.