The truth about the BDS : Part one

Palestinian BDS activist Nadia Abu-Shanab Jewish BDS activist Justine?Sachs-Whaleoil

I have always considered the BDS organisation to be an economic terrorist organisation that at its core is completely anti-semitic despite all their false protestations that they are anti-Zionist and that being anti the Jewish people having their own homeland is not anti-Semitic at all. They are assisted of course by useful idiots like BDS activist Justine?Sachs who identifies as a Jew. She makes me think of all those self-loathing white people who think that the slogan ‘it’s ok to be white’ is a racist slogan.

So what is BDS really about? Shalom Kiwi’s article breaks it all down for us. Quote.

BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel, dishonestly brands itself as a human rights movement, and speaks of justice for the Palestinian people.[…]

BDS obfuscates its primary objective, [which is] everything to do with the demise of Israel itself.?While BDS claims to be agnostic on whether it supports a one state or two state solution, its stated goals, website ( and leading proponents all tell a different story.

The realisation of BDS? stated goals would mean the Jewish people are denied their universal right of self-determination, a right guaranteed to them by international law.

BDS demands that all Palestinian ?refugees? be allowed to live in Israel. Under UNRWA?s definition, Palestinians are the only people in the world who inherit refugee status, so that the number of refugees keeps growing. According to the BDS? website, there are 7.25 million ?refugees?, the majority of whom have never, and whose parents have never, set foot in Israel and many of whom are denied citizenship in the land of their birth, such as Syria and Lebanon. If they all lived there, Israel would cease to have a Jewish majority, and would no longer be a Jewish homeland. End quote.

New Zealand BDS activist Nadia Abu-Shanab has inherited Palestinian refugee status despite being born in the UK and being a British citizen which illustrates how ridiculous UNRWA’s definition is.

Omar Barghouti who is the co-founder of the BDS campaign and who unbelievably?lives in Israel and who got his degree from Tel Aviv University admits that a return for refugees would end Israel?s existence as a Jewish state.quote.

The BDS website […] perpetuates a false narrative, accusing Israel of ?settler colonialism?, and attacks the very notion of Zionism, the Jewish people?s right of self-determination in their historic homeland. Under this narrative, Jews are usurpers who have stolen, and continue to steal, land off the Palestinians, which it claims to be the indigenous people.?BDS does not and cannot acknowledge Jewish historical, moral and legal claims on the land.?There is no recognition that the?legal instrument?guaranteeing Jewish rights to settle in between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, as adopted by the United Nations, is still in force. It ignores the fact that the only sovereign state to ever exist in the land has been a Jewish one, and there has never been a sovereign Palestinian state. It denies that the Jewish people originated in and are the indigenous people of the land (as incontrovertibly proven in archeology, history and genetics), that they have a millennial-long connection to and yearning for the land, and have always had a physical presence there, under successive occupations.

BDS does not countenance even one Jewish state in the world. Instead, it advocates for a?51st Muslim-majority country, which, judging by history and the statements of BDS and Palestinian leaders, would inevitably lead to the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the land.?If BDS were truly about international law and human rights, it would?recognise?that international law guarantees the existence of a Jewish homeland and that Jews also have human rights.?Insteadit?delegitimises?the very idea of a Jewish homeland and those who support it,?and even a Jewish presence in the land.

[…] If BDS was a true human rights movement we might expect it to have something good to say about the one state in the Middle East where women have the same rights as men and Arabs can vote in truly free elections, that holds Pride Parades, and has an independent judiciary, rather than calling for its destruction. BDS does not call for an end to trade with China, despite its human rights record and oppressive occupation of Tibet, nor protest against Turkey, despite its crackdown on media freedom, occupation of Northern Cyprus and Armenian genocide. BDS also says nothing about human rights abuses inflicted by Palestinians against Israelis (in particular, through ongoing terrorism).[…]? says nothing of the massacre and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Syria (according to the London-based Action Group for Palestinians of Syria, 3,722 Palestinians (have been killed since the start of the civil war) or the fact that Palestinians are prohibited from several professions in Lebanon, or the corruption of the Palestinian Authority, or the treatment of women in Gaza under the Islamist regime of Hamas. It reserves its opprobrium for Israel alone, and on spurious grounds.

What about apartheid?

Israel […] is the only country in the Middle East where Arabs (1.5 million of them, both Christian and Muslim) and Jews vote and sit in Parliament together, sit on the Supreme Court, have the same constitutional rights and openly practise their religions, should they so wish. Arabs are well represented in academia and the professions. By all objective measures, they have a far higher standard of living, better healthcare and educational opportunities than in neighbouring countries like Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Despite this, BDS supporters regularly accuse Israel, and only Israel, of apartheid.

In the West Bank, an area which Israel gained control of after Jordan attacked it in 1967, the situation is more complex. There are different areas of administration and systems of governance in the West Bank, which were agreed by the parties in the Oslo Accords. The Arabs who live there are not citizens of Israel and come under the administration of the Palestinian Authority. They have remained that way, pending a final status agreement. They have their own legal jurisdiction and set of laws, enshrined in the Basic Law, which, founded in Islamic law, is intended to operate much like a constitution. They have not had elections since 2006, because of disagreements between the main parties […]

The fact that Palestinians do not vote in elections and do not have rights equivalent to Arab citizens of Israel and their Jewish neighbours, is not because of apartheid, but because, like Gaza and other neighbouring Arab states, and despite billions in aid, their leaders have failed to embrace democracy and the rights that go with it. […] End quote.

By: Guy Morad

To be continued…