The truth about the BDS : Part two

I have always considered the BDS organisation to be an economic terrorist organisation that at its core is completely anti-semitic despite all their false protestations that they are anti-Zionist and that being anti the Jewish people having their own homeland is not anti-Semitic at all. They are assisted of course by useful idiots like BDS activist Justine?Sachs who identifies as a Jew. She makes me think of all those self-loathing white people who think that the slogan ‘it’s ok to be white’ is a racist slogan.

So what is BDS really about? Shalom Kiwi’s article breaks it all down for us. Quote.

BDS tactics

The reality is that there are two imperfect parties to this conflict ? Jews and Palestinians ? with competing claims. Peace and justice for both parties will only come when they acknowledge each other?s claims, have dialogue and negotiate. But dialogue and negotiations are eschewed by BDS ? they are the very antithesis of the BDS platform, which promotes segregation and isolation of Israel and Israelis.

BDS supporters never acknowledge the numerous offers that the Palestinians have turned down for a state.?The most recent example is in 2008, when Israel offered a near-total withdrawal from the West Bank ? proposing that Israel retain 6.3 percent of the territory in order to keep control of major Jewish settlements ? with land swaps equivalent to 5.8 percent, and a link to the Gaza Strip. The Old City of Jerusalem was to be placed under international control.The simplistic, mendacious BDS worldview is that Israelis are a monolithic people who are uniquely evil in the world, and who do not have legitimate rights or security concerns, while Palestinians are victims who are beyond reproach and should not be held to account for their decisions or actions.?BDS aims to bully and blackmail Israel and people who don?t subscribe to the BDS worldview, in the hope that Israel will succumb to pressure and unilaterally agree to BDS? demands, bypassing the need for negotiations and compromise on the part of Palestinians.

BDS supports a boycott of all Israeli goods, not just those of settlements […]? It encourages ?the principle of context sensitivity, whereby activists in any given context decide what best to target and how?. It does not suggest boycotting Intel, which invests in Israeli companies and has strong ties to the Israeli economy, because that would mean not being able to use computers, nor does it suggest not using Israeli-developed medicines. In other words, followers are able to pick and choose, in order to maximise grand-standing opportunities and damage to others, and minimise inconvenience to themselves.

BDS seeks to collectively punish, blacklist and discriminate against individual Israelis, such as tennis players or performing artists visiting New Zealand, regardless of their political views, and those who deal with them. Roger Waters, one of the chief proponents of the ?artistic boycott? against Israel regularly intimidates and shames artists who exercise freedom of choice to perform in Israel. Recently, the young New Zealand artist Lorde felt compelled to cancel her concert in Tel Aviv, due to a social media campaign that accused her of complicity with Israel simply through performing there. She is still to perform in Russia.

Through its bullying tactics, BDS supporters aim to deny people who do not subscribe to their one-sided, hypocritical, fraudulent worldview, their freedoms ? freedom of speech and thought, academic freedom, freedom of association and freedom of commercial activity. There is a word for that. Fascism.

BDS is shrouded in the stench of antisemitism

BDS was established by the NGO Forum held during the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance in Durban in September 2001. The NGO Forum was overtly antisemitic. During a BBC interview, Mary Robinson, then UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said of the conference that ?there was horrible antisemitism present ? particularly in some of the NGO discussions.? Because of this taint, and the fact that the campaign had failed to make any ground, it was re-launched in 2005 as a call from Palestinian civil society, in order to gain credibility.

BDS meets the US State Department?s and the European Union?s definitions of antisemitism on several grounds. According to those definitions,?denying the Jewish people universal rights, and applying double standards to their homeland, is antisemitic.?UN Secretary General Guterres, among many other world leaders, has said denying Israel?s right to exist is a modern form of antisemitism.

Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, said in 2015: ?I think BDS is an unfair, discriminatory movement based on a moral double standard that is, in the final analysis, anti-Semitic?In reality what BDS wants is to make life in Israel intolerable so the Jewish nation will not be able to have a normal existence in its state. BDS does not only want to change the government?s policy, it wants to empty the country of Jews.?

Further, BDS advocates frequently employ language, narratives and?tactics to demonise?the world?s one Jewish state that have?traditionally been used to demonise?the Jewish people.?In Germany, cities including Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt have banned using public spaces and municipal funds for BDS. Uwe Becker, deputy mayor of Frankfurt, stated that BDS uses the language ?that Nazis once used? in their messaging and that it is ?deeply antisemitic?. […]

24 states in the United States have now passed anti-BDS laws over concerns about discrimination. In France, courts have found BDS activists guilty on several occasions of promoting discrimination on the basis of nationality. In March this year, a Spanish court found that an anti-Israel boycott adopted by a municipality was illegal and violated anti-discrimination laws. The Legislative Assembly of Ontario has passed a resolution that ?calls on the legislature to stand against any movement that promotes hate, prejudice and racism? and ?reject the ?differential treatment? of Israel by the BDS movement.?

Don?t be fooled

BDS perverts and appropriates the discourse of human rights, while insidiously delegitimising and demonising the world?s one Jewish state and those who are accused of complicity with it, and denying history. ?Ironically, the hateful environment it fosters, on campuses, in the media and elsewhere, serves as a reminder, should one ever be needed, as to why the Jewish people deserve and need their own homeland, and why they will never cede their self-determination to tyrannical bullies.

BDS is a smear campaign against Israel.?BDS lies about its agenda, and its respect for human rights and international law. It tells those lies because if people knew the truth, they wouldn?t follow it. Don?t be fooled by it.

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