They’re not anti-Semites, they just bash Jews

British Labour stridently denies it has a particular issue with anti-Semitism under its terrorist-hugging leader, the Mad Marxist Corbyn. Yet, Jewish delegates at its Party conference have to have bodyguards and its own investigations officer admitted, ?Labour members [have] compared Israel to the Nazis, peddled conspiracy theories about Israel, promoted Holocaust deniers, praised terrorists, and who questioned the Britishness or loyalty of British Jews.?

Now, to put the kristall on the nacht, Jewish protesters have been bashed outside a pro-Corbyn Labour meeting. Quote:

A Jewish protestor was ‘pulled to the ground and kicked repeatedly in the head’ outside a pro-Corbyn antisemitism meeting in London this evening.

The female victims were recording the doorway to the event in Islington, north London, on Tuesday when they were attacked by two women, video footage has shown.

The attackers set upon the group of protesters who were waving Israeli flags.

It is not clear at this stage if the women were attending the meeting which was being co-hosted by the Corbyn, Antisemitism and Justice for Palestine group at The Old Fire Station. End of quote.

Hold a meeting to refute the baffling perception that they?re anti-Semitic, and Jewish protesters get bashed? The Corbynites earn an extra-special yellow star for irony. Quote:

The protesters were shouting ‘shame on you’ when the two women turned and approached them.

Ms Shitrit, 51, told MailOnline: ‘They were heading in and?One of them women got extremely angry and told me to stop photographing her- but I was filming as I had been all evening.

‘She was trying to grab my phone and it fell to the floor and then she really went for me?My colleague Sharon had been grabbed and pushed to the floor and they were repeatedly kicking her in the head. They took her phone and ran away.’ End of quote.

Momentum is the extreme left wing of Labour, solid Corbyn fanatics: and even they admit that Corbyn?s Labour has an ?anti-Semitism problem?. Anti-Semites in their own ranks would only dig the Corbynites further into the mire. Quote:

The victims said they believe the women were linked to Momentum, the grassroots groups, which had many members in attendance, they said.

Ms Shitrit who runs Eye on Anti-Semitism had earlier been asked to leave the meeting which she was trying to record for her organisation which monitors the Labour party and associated groups?Ms Shitrit: ‘I know they were with Momentum because they passed through the gate. They knew who we were and what we were doing, we were waving flags. End of quote.

In another twist, the Plod who nick nine people a day for ?non-crime hate incidents? on social media suddenly find themselves in a dither over whether Jew-bashing might be as hurty-feeling as saying something unkind about jihadis on Twitter. Quote:

Police at Scotland Yard refused to answer whether or not they were investigating the incident as a hate crime, saying it was ‘too early’ to say.

‘There have been no arrests and the crowd had dispersed by 9pm.’

The woman who was kicked is now in Whittington Hospital with what has been described as ‘serious concussion’. End of quote.

Yes, but were her feelings hurt?