Those lovely Palestinians

Caption: Queers in Palestine. Leftist romanticism of their beloved Palestinians ignores the brutal truth of savage, gangster rule.

To hear the left and the mainstream media tell it, Palestinians are a plucky tribe of peaceful innocents, brutally crushed by the evil Jewish monster. A recent Human Rights Watch report, Two authorities, one way, zero dissent, paints a very different picture of a gangster state ruled by rival, merciless mobsters.

H. G. Wells once wrote that anyone who pined for ?the good old days? would change their mind the instant they got a toothache. ?Queers for Palestine? and ?Women for Palestine? would possibly be disabused of their idiotic romantic fervour if they once actually had to live under the rule of those whom they champion. Quote:

Palestnian authorities routinely arrest people whose peaceful speech displeases them and torture those in their custody?The arrests for nonviolent speech acts constitute serious violations of international human rights law, in contravention of legal obligations imposed through Palestine?s accession to major international human rights treaties over the last five years. The torture as practiced by both the PA and Hamas may amount to a crime against humanity, given its systematic practice over many years. End of quote.

It?s often noted that, when Israel experimented with conceding land and self-rule to the Palestinians, rather than take the opportunity to build constructive infrastructure and institutions for their people, it was used as a platform to further war and violence. Human Rights Watch similarly notes that, despite conventional portrayals of Israel as the crushing oppressor, Palestinians have used self-rule to systematically oppress their own people. Quote:

In the 25 years since Palestinians gained a degree of self-rule over the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, their authorities have established machineries of repression to crush dissent, including through the use of torture?

The Fatah-controlled PA has methodically arrested activists and supporters of Hamas or Hamas-aligned groups solely because of their political affiliation or expression, with Hamas carrying out similar abuses against partisans of Fatah or officials who served in the PA-led government, including in the security services, before the 2007 Hamas takeover. End of quote.

Palestinian activists and their sympathisers astutely manipulate social media to elicit international sympathy. It?s important to remember that ?Pallywood? is a tightly-controlled narrative, ruthlessly enforced with brutality and threats. Quote:

Palestinian authorities have carried out dozens of arrests for critical posts on social media platforms, which Palestinians increasingly rely on to share their views, connect with one another, and organize activities?.The Fatah-controlled PA and Hamas have also targeted journalists, both those affiliated with the rival camp and unaffiliated ones who produce reports critical of their policies. End of quote.

But what about those ?spontaneous?, ?peaceful protests?? Quote:

Palestinians also have limited freedom to participate in anti-government political demonstrations in both the West Bank and Gaza?In Gaza, Hamas police detained hundreds of demonstrators who took to the streets in January 2017 to protest the electricity crisis. End of quote.

The electricity crisis is an ongoing schedule of rolling blackouts which sees the residents of the Gaza strip being supplied with electricity for only a few hours a day. This crisis is entirely the product of the turf war between the PA and Hamas. Quote:

Human Rights Watch?s investigation?indicates that the mistreatment and torture of those in Palestinian custody is routine?torture is governmental policy for both the PA and Hamas?

Scores of detainees told Human Rights Watch that officers placed them in painful stress positions for many hours at a time, using a mix of techniques that often left little or no trace on the body? journalist Sami As-Sai said officers greeted him by telling him, ?We had people who entered here with muscles and left without any.? They tied his hands by rope to the ceiling of an interrogation room and slowly pulled the rope to apply pressure to his arms, which caused him to feel so much pain that he had to ask an officer to pull his pants up after he used the toilet because he could not do it himself.

Palestinian forces in both the West Bank and Gaza regularly use threats of violence, taunts, solitary confinement, and beatings, including lashing and whipping of the feet of detainees, to elicit confessions, punish, and intimidate activists. End of quote.

All of this undermines the Palestinians? arguments for statehood. Even the limited independence granted them so far has only resulted in a regime of systematic torture and oppression. Quote:

Both the PA and Hamas regularly speak of Palestinian independence and unity, but detention and torture of rivals and critics undermine their best argument: the promise of greater freedom. End of quote.

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