Tracey Martin on the warpath

For reasons known only to herself, New Zealand First’s Tracey Martin still has an axe to grind with charter schools. All New Zealand charter schools have lost their battle to remain charter schools and have been railroaded by the coalition government into becoming state schools.

She won, they lost so why is she still displaying so much hostility towards them?

In a recent?speech?in parliament, Martin made some very sarcastic?comments about Villa Education Trust schools and Vanguard Military school mockingly referring to their? “glossy brochures.” She also insinuated that there was a conflict of interest between the schools and the former National government. Act leader David Seymour called her comments a disgrace and took her to task for defaming the schools.

Alwyn Poole from the Villa Education Trust was also very upset with the way she spoke about the schools saying:?quote.

In your speech today Tracey you have simply lied.

At no stage did I discuss with you any promises from the National Party about our private school. You have misled the house. When I met with you I had met with no members of the National Party.

Please note that we also do not produce glossy brochures about NCEA – we don’t do NCEA.

I have never considered that you have a significant intellect but straight out lying is low even for you.

We are still waiting for an apology for you stating that we “treat our children like dogs”.

We are still waiting for you to actually visit SAMS or MSWA. End quote.

After listening to the video I can only wonder if Tracey Martin actually feels bad about what the coalition government has done to the charter schools and feels that she has to justify the appalling way that they were treated by trying to minimise their achievements. She mentions that, before the election, she warned Mr Poole that the schools would be closed and she seems to want to lay the blame at his feet for what has happened to him. It is an extraordinary level of hostility towards schools that have clearly made such a difference to the lives of so many.

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Dominic Elliot holding a sign: “Jacinda where is your support now?”