Transgender male wins women’s cycling competition


Pink News reports: quote.

A trans-identified male, Rachel McKinnon, has won another?women?s cycling?title, the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships. end quote.

Trans-identified? Is this yet another gender? A trans person who identifies as a trans person, but is not a trans person? Is that what this means? Who knows? Or, for that matter, who cares?

If you look closely at the above photograph, it is absolutely clear that the winner is physically completely different from the other two. By a country mile. The winner is thicker in stature, with much stronger legs and a completely different upper body. The winner has no breasts to speak of – at least as far as I can see. The winner is, clearly, actually a man.

We seem to have come a very long way in a short time. Here are the rules at present. quote:

In 2016, the International Olympics Committee scrapped a policy which meant trans athletes had to have undergone gender reassignment therapy followed by two years of hormone therapy in order to compete.

They now allow trans men to take part in men?s competitions without restriction, though trans female athletes have to show their testosterone level has been below a designated level for at least a year before competing. end quote.

Once, it was only people who had had the sex change operation who could play sports for the opposite sex. Then it was those who had lower levels of testosterone. Now… it seems that forcing men to lower their testosterone levels to qualify to compete in women’s sports is a violation of human rights. quote.

McKinnon says that making him suppress his body?s natural testosterone production in order to compete in women?s sporting events is a violation of his human rights. end quote.

You know what the violation of human rights is here? It is men being allowed to take part in women’s competitions. That is a serious breach of human rights for women.

Women’s sports are now clearly under threat, and what is really strange is that feminists are saying nothing about it. Instead of standing up for women in a situation that is grossly unfair to biological females, their silence supports the stance of those who deliberately rort the system to get on the podium, when they were unable to do it as a member of their own sex.

If ever there was a reason, as Jacinda seems to think, why girls drop out of sport, then this has to be it. Girls do sometimes lose interest, but then so do boys. Boys, however, don’t have to go through all the hard work, training and sacrifices that women do in their sports… only to turn up on race day and get beaten by a man. That is the sad state of women’s sports today.

Something needs to be done about it.