Truck drivers are revolting

Stuff ?reports: quote.

A convoy of Auckland truckies battled peak hour traffic?to protest against the price of fuel.

Trucking company?RNB Transport sent around 100 trucks from the North Shore suburb of Silverdale?to Fanshawe St, along the northern motorway, on Monday?morning. end quote.

Good on them for trying. I saw one truck company owner say his fuel bill is now $20,000 more per month. That is going to have to be passed on to customers, and we all know where this ends. quote.

“It caused a a lot of traffic build-up behind us, but that’s what we wanted.”

(Rob) Ryan said the protest was about getting the Government to “notice us”. end quote.

Good luck with that. They will notice all right, but at the moment, they have been let off the hook spectacularly by a fawning media and an imploding National party, and they will take everything they can get. quote.

“There is power in numbers and if there is enough of us they will have to listen, if we have to do it again in another month we will.

“We have had enough of all these increases.” end quote.

Trouble is, their power is limited. Unlike teachers, who go on strike and disrupt just about everyone’s lives, truck drivers will be the main ones to suffer in any kind of protest action. They are right to try to get their point across, but the government can just turn away from this, knowing that it is unlikely to have much effect in the long run. quote.

Petrol prices have hit record highs this year, after the Government’s latest 3.5c excise tax increase and Auckland Council’s 11.5c regional fuel tax.

Ryan said truckies weren’t the only ones feeling the burn from the fuel tax.

“When the price of fuel goes up everything goes up with it – food becomes more expensive and people have had enough of it.

“This is bigger than just the trucking industry, many Kiwis rely on fuel to get to work.” end quote.

Yes, and we are starting to see the effects of this in the supermarkets now. This is just the beginning: significant inflation is on its way, fuelled in part by these price increases. quote.

Earlier this month AA spokesman Mark Stockdale said the sharp increase in petrol prices this year had left some motorists angry.

“Motorists are getting quite angry and they’re wanting something done about it.”

A nationwide?“petrol boycott”?is planned for October 26. end quote.

A petrol boycott. That will achieve a lot. The petrol stations will have a quiet day, able to catch up on cleaning the shelves and restocking, knowing full well that this will make no difference to fuel sales overall. Madness.

This government is going to do absolutely nothing about rising fuel prices. It has kicked the issue into touch, by promising to have the Commerce Commission look at the issue, with a report coming out in over a year’s time. In the meantime, people living in Northland, or Auckland or anyone else who have to travel reasonable distances to get to and from work are going to feel the pain of this with no respite for a long time to come.

This is what a government that is ‘bringing kindness back’ looks like to its poorer supporters. It won’t change their voting habits though. Just watch.