Trump cleans up the oceans

And nobody says a single word.

This from?The Daily Caller: quote.

President Donald Trump added his signature to the ?Save Our Seas Act? on Thursday, green-lighting an initiative to clean up eight million tons of debris from the planet?s oceans.

?As president I will continue to do everything I can to stop other nations from making our oceans into their landfills. That?s why I?m pleased ? very pleased, I must say ? to put my signature on this important legislation,? Trump said as?he signed?the Save Our Seas Act into law at the Oval Office. end quote.

Where are you, Greenies? What about you, Jacinda? While you all talk about ‘saving the planet’ and our ‘nuclear moment’, President Trump is actually doing something to clear the oceans of the debris that is so damaging to marine life. You know – the marine life that we all had to relinquish plastic bags for – even though that will make no difference? quote.

The bill has received widespread bi-partisan support among lawmakers, with it passing both the House and Senate unanimously.

?Every year, over 8 million tons of garbage is dumped into our beautiful oceans by many countries of the world. That includes China, that includes Japan, that includes many, many countries,? the president explained. ?This waste, trash and debris harms not only marine life, but also fisherman, coastal economies along America?s vast stretches. The bad news is it floats toward us.? end quote.

So while most world leaders just make noises to make themselves look good, President Trump passes a bill that actually does something – and targets the actual sources, rather than just playing around the edges, like most world leaders do. quote.

The issue of marine debris has become an increasing problem on the international stage. National Geographic?reported in 2015?that 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic is in the world?s waters, with 269,000 tons of it floating on the surface and around four billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer sitting deeper in the ocean.

Trump stated that previous administrations??did absolutely nothing? to address the problem of foreign governments dumping their waste into the ocean and it landing on American shores ? leaving it up to the U.S. to clean up and pay. The president went on to say that the White House has notified other governments ?very strongly? of the changes to come. end quote.

Nobody has really done anything, until now. Sure, there is a lot of hot air around the issue. We are always hearing how we ‘must do something about it’, but nobody ever does – unless you count traversing the globe in gas-guzzling jets (some of them private jets) to attend climate conferences that achieve nothing except a very high level of virtue signalling. Climate alarmists are full of so much hot air that they contribute to the warming of the planet every time they open their mouths.

President Trump is actually doing something.

I truly hope that history is kinder to Trump than the present day.

Never before has a president achieved so much in such a short time. Never before has any president been so badly vilified. Both of these things are true about him. Trump is in an unfortunate position; no matter what he does or how well, he is mocked and scorned by most of the world.

In the meantime, Trump is cleaning up the world’s oceans. The turtles that everyone are so worried about will now know who to thank and it is not Jacinda.

A turtle enjoying a clean, plastic and rubbish free ocean thanks to President Trump.